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7 Bible Verses about Repaying Evil For Good

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 44:4

They had not traveled far from the city when Joseph ordered his palace manager, "Get up, follow those men, and when you've caught up with them, ask them, "Why did you repay evil for good?

Psalm 35:12

They paid me back evil for good; my soul mourns.

Psalm 38:20

They reward my good with evil, opposing me because I seek to do good.

Psalm 109:5

They devise evil against me instead of good, and hatred in place of my love.

Proverbs 17:13

The person who repays good with evil will never see evil leave his home.

Jeremiah 18:20

Should good be repaid with evil? Yet they have dug a pit to take my life. Remember! I stood before you and spoke good on their behalf in order to turn your wrath away from them.

Psalm 7:4

if I have rewarded those who did me good with evil, if I have plundered my enemy without justification,

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