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49 Bible Verses about Enemy Attacks

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 55:3

because of the voice of the enemy, and because of the oppression of the wicked. They bring down evil upon me, and in anger they hate me.

Deuteronomy 28:7

"The LORD will make your enemies, who rise against you and attack from one direction, to flee from you in seven directions.

Joshua 10:19

but don't stay there yourselves. Instead, pursue your enemies and attack them from behind. Don't allow them to enter their cities, because the LORD your God has delivered them into your control."

Deuteronomy 1:42

"Then the LORD told me: "Tell them not to go up and fight because I will not be in their midst, or else you will be defeated before your enemies.'

Numbers 10:9

"When you wage war in your land against an enemy who is hostile to you, you are to sound an alarm with the trumpets. Then you will be remembered before the face of the LORD your God and you will be delivered from your enemies.

Psalm 56:2

Those who watch me all day have harassed me, for there are many who fight against me out of conceit.

Psalm 35:1

Argue my case, LORD, against those who argue against me. Fight against those who fight against me.

2 Kings 7:6

The LORD had made the Aramean army hear the sounds of chariots, horses, and a large army, so they told one another, "Look! The king of Israel has hired the kings of the Hittites and the Egyptians to come attack us!"

Psalm 124:2

if the LORD had not been on our side, when men came against us,

Psalm 92:11

My eyes gloated over those who lie in wait for me; when those of evil intent attack me, my ears will hear.

Jeremiah 1:19

They'll fight against you, but they won't prevail against you, because I am with you," declares the LORD, "to deliver you."

Psalm 69:4

Those who hate me without cause are more than the hairs of my head. My persecutors are mighty, and they want to destroy me. Must I be forced to return what I did not steal?

Judges 7:11

where you will hear what they're talking about. That way, you'll be encouraged to attack the encampment." So he and his servant Purah went down to the perimeter outposts of the encamped army.

Psalm 27:3

If an army encamps against me, my heart will not fear. If a war is launched against me, I will even trust in that situation.

2 Kings 6:18

When the army approached him, Elisha spoke to the LORD, asking him, "LORD, I'm asking you please to afflict this group of people with blindness!" So he afflicted them with blindness, just as Elisha had asked.

Psalm 27:2

When those who practice evil, my enemies, and my oppressors come near me to devour my flesh, they stumble and fall.

Psalm 59:3

Look, they lie in ambush for my life; these violent men gather together against me, but not because of any transgression or sin of mine, LORD.

Psalm 17:9

from the wicked who have afflicted me, from my enemies who have surrounded me.

Psalm 71:10

For my enemies talk against me; those who seek to kill me plot together

Judges 6:3

Whenever the Israelis sowed their crops, the Midianites, the Amalekites, and certain groups from the east would come up and invade them.

Psalm 109:3

They surround me with hate-filled words, attacking me for no reason.

Psalm 7:6

Get up, LORD, in your anger! Rise up, because of the fury of my enemies; Arouse yourself for me; you have ordained justice.

Jeremiah 6:5

Get ready, let's attack at night, and destroy her fortresses."

Psalm 81:14

Then I would quickly subdue their enemies. I would turn against their foes.

Psalm 64:1

Hear, God, as I express my concern; protect me from fear of the enemy.

Psalm 68:21

God surely strikes the heads of his enemies, even the hairy heads of those who continue in their guilt.

Psalm 143:12

Because of your gracious love, you will cut off my enemies. You will destroy all who oppose me, for I am your servant. Davidic

Psalm 56:6

They gather together and hide in ambush. They watch my every step as they lie in wait for my life.

Psalm 129:2

"Since my youth they have often persecuted me, yet they haven't defeated me.

Isaiah 41:12

Those who quarrel with you will be as nothing; those who fight you like nothing at all!"

Psalm 55:12

For it is not an enemy who insults me I could have handled that nor is it someone who hates me and who now arises against me I could have hidden myself from him

Psalm 106:10

He delivered them from the power of their foe; redeeming them from the power of their enemy.

Deuteronomy 25:18

how when you were very tired and weary, they lay in wait for you on the road and eliminated everyone who was lagging behind. They had no fear of God.

Psalm 18:48

who delivers me from my enemies. Truly you will exalt me above those who oppose me; you will deliver me from the violent person.

1 Kings 5:4

But now the LORD has given me rest all around, since I have neither foreign adversaries nor domestic crises.

Numbers 25:17

"Attack the Midianites and execute them,

Isaiah 54:15

Watch! If anyone does attack you, it will not be from me; whoever may attack you will fall because of you.

Deuteronomy 30:7

Then the LORD your God will inflict all these curses on your enemies and on those who hate and persecute you."

Ezra 8:31

Then we left the Ahava River for Jerusalem on the twelfth day of the first month. Our God's protection was with us, and he delivered us from the enemy's power and from ambush along the way.

Psalm 59:4

Without any fault on my part, they rush together and prepare themselves. Get up! Come help me! Pay attention!

Isaiah 29:5

"But the hordes of your enemies will become like fine dust, and the hordes of tyrants like flying chaff. Then suddenly, in an instant,

Nehemiah 4:14

Looking things over, I stood up and spoke to the officials, the military leaders, and the rest of the people: "Don't fear them. Remember the great and awe-inspiring Lord. Fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes."

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