Security, False

Most Relevant Verses

Job 29:18

So I thought: I will die in my own nest
and multiply my days as the sand.

Psalm 50:21

You have done these things, and I kept silent;
you thought I was just like you.
But I will rebuke you
and lay out the case before you.

Jeremiah 21:13

Beware! I am against you,
you who sit above the valley,
you atop the rocky plateau—
this is the Lord’s declaration—
you who say, “Who can come down against us?
Who can enter our hiding places?”

Jeremiah 49:4

Why do you brag about your valleys,
your flowing valley,
you faithless daughter?
You who trust in your treasures
and boast, “Who can attack me?”

Amos 9:10

All the sinners among My people
who say: “Disaster will never overtake
or confront us,”
will die by the sword.

Ecclesiastes 8:11

Because the sentence against a criminal act is not carried out quickly, the heart of people is filled with the desire to commit crime.

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