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5 Bible Verses about Speech Impediments

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 4:10

Then Moses told the LORD, "Please, LORD, I'm not eloquent. I never was in the past nor am I now since you spoke to your servant. In fact, I talk too slowly and I have a speech impediment."

Isaiah 28:11

Very well, then, through the mouths of foreigners and foreign languages the LORD will speak to this people

Mark 7:32

Some people brought him a deaf man who also had a speech impediment. They begged him to lay his hand on him.

Isaiah 32:4

The hearts of reckless people will understand sound judgment, and the tongues of those who stammer will be ready to speak clearly.

Isaiah 33:19

No longer will you see those arrogant people, those people with their obscure speech you cannot comprehend, stammering in a language you cannot understand.

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