25 Bible Verses about Stairways

Most Relevant Verses

1 Kings 6:8

The door of the middle rib to the right shoulder of the house: and they will go up with windings upon the middle, and from the middle to the third.

Nehemiah 9:4

And there will rise up upon the ascent of the Levites, Joshua and the sons of Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bani, Sherebiah, Bani, Chenani; and they will cry with a great voice to Jehovah their God.

Ezekiel 40:49

The length of the porch, twenty cubits, and the breadth, eleven cubits; and by the steps which they will go up to it: and pillars to the posts, one from hence, and one from thence.

Ezekiel 40:6

And he will come to the gate which its face the: way of the east, and he will come up upon its steps, and he will measure the threshold of the gate, one reed the breadth, and the other threshold, one reed the breadth.

Ezekiel 41:7

It was broad and turned round upwards, upwards to the sides: for the circuit of the house, upwards, upwards round about, round about to the house: for this the breadth of the house up-wards, and thus the lowest will go up upon the highest to the middle.

Ezekiel 43:17

And the terrace, fourteen the length by fourteen the breadth, to its four squares; and the bound round about it half a cubit, and the bosom to it, a cubit round about; and its steps turning east

Exodus 20:26

And thou shalt not go up by steps upon mine altar, that thou shalt not uncover thy nakedness upon it

1 Kings 10:19-20

Six steps to the throne, and the head rounded to the throne from its back parts: and hands hence and thence upon the place of the seat, and two lions standing beside the hands. And twelve lions standing there upon the six steps, hence and thence: there was not made thus to all the kingdoms.

2 Chronicles 9:18-19

And six steps to the throne, and a footstool in gold holding fast to the throne, and hands from hence and from thence, upon the place of the seat, and two lions standing near the hands. And twelve lions standing there upon the six steps, from hence and from thence. There was not made thus to any kingdom.

2 Kings 9:13

And they will hasten and take a man his garment, and will put under him to the body of the steps, and they will strike upon the trumpet and say, Jehu reigned.

2 Kings 20:11

And Isaiah the prophet will call to Jehovah, and he will turn back the shadow in the steps which went down, in the steps of Ahaz, backwards ten degrees

Isaiah 38:8

Behold me turning back the shadow of the steps which will go down in the steps of Ahaz in the sun, backward ten steps. And the sun will turn back ten steps in the steps which it will go down.

Nehemiah 3:15

And the gate of the fountain Shallum son of Colhozeh, ruler of the circuit of Mizpeh, held fast; he will build it and cover it, and set, it up, its doors, its bolts, and its bars, and the walls of the pool of Shiloh by the king's garden, and even to the steps going down from the city of David.

Nehemiah 3:19

And upon his hand held fast Ezer son of Joshua, chief of Mizpeh, the second measure from before the going up of the weapons of the corner.

Nehemiah 12:37

And at the gate of the fountain, and before them, they went up upon the steps of the city of David in the going up to the wall from above to the house: of David, and even to the gate of waters of the sunrising.

Acts 21:35

And when he was upon the steps, it happened, he was borne by the soldiers for the violence of the crowd.

Acts 9:39

And Peter having risen came with them. Whom having approached, they brought into the upper room: and all the widows stood before him weeping, and showing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, being with them.

2 Samuel 18:33

And the king will be moved, and he will go up into the upper chamber of the gate and weep: and thus he said in his going, My son Absalom! my son, my son Absalom I who will give my death, me for thee, Absalom my son, my son!

1 Kings 17:19

And he will say to her, Give to me thy son. And he will take him from her bosom and bring him up into an upper chamber where he sat there, and he will lay him upon his bed.

Acts 1:13

And when they came in, they went up into an upper room, where were remaining also Peter, and James, and John, and Andrew, Philip, and Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthew, James of Alpheus, and Simon Zelotes, and Judas of James.

Acts 9:37

And it was in those days, having been sick, she died; and having washed, they laid her in an upper room.

Acts 10:20

But thou having risen, come down, and go with them, discussing nothing; for I have sent them.

Acts 20:8

And sufficient lights were in the upper room, where they were assembled.

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