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Theasaurus: Swamped

14 Bible Verses about Swamped

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 69:1-2

Deliver me, God, because the waters are up to my neck. I am sinking in deep mire, and there is no solid ground. I have come into deep water, and the flood overwhelms me.

Psalm 42:7

Deep waters call out to what is deeper still; at the roar of your waterfalls all your breakers and your waves swirled over me.

Jonah 2:3

You cast me into the deep into the heart of the sea. Flood waters engulfed me. All your breakers and your waves swirled over me.

Lamentations 3:54

Water closed over my head, and I said, "I'm a dead man."

Matthew 8:24

Suddenly, a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat began to be swamped by the waves. Yet Jesus kept sleeping.

Mark 4:37

A violent windstorm came up, and the waves began breaking into the boat, so that the boat was rapidly becoming swamped.

Psalm 69:15

Let neither the floodwaters overwhelm me nor let the deep swallow me up, nor the mouth of the well close over me.

Psalm 144:7

Reach down your hand from your high place; rescue me and deliver me from mighty waters, from the control of foreigners.

Jonah 2:5

Flood waters encompassed me, the deep surrounded me while seaweed wrapped around my head.

Psalm 124:4

Then the flood waters would have overwhelmed us, the torrent would have flooded over us;

Psalm 124:5

the swollen waters would have swept us away.

Luke 8:23

Now as they were sailing, Jesus fell asleep. A violent storm swept over the lake, and they were taking on water and were in great danger.

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