The Disciples Reactions

Most Relevant Verses

Matthew 19:25

So [when] the disciples heard [this], they were extremely amazed, saying, "Then who can be saved?"

Matthew 14:26

But the disciples, [when they] saw him walking on the sea, were terrified, saying, "It is a ghost!" and they cried out in fear.

Matthew 21:20

And [when they] saw [it], the disciples were astonished, saying, "How did the fig tree wither at once?"

Mark 10:24

And the disciples were astounded at his words. But Jesus answered [and] said to them again, "Children, how difficult it is to enter into the kingdom of God!

John 4:27

And at this [point] his disciples came, and they were astonished that he was speaking with a woman. However, no one said, "What do you seek?" or "Why are you speaking with her?"

Matthew 26:8

And [when] the disciples saw [it] they were indignant, saying, "{Why} this waste?

Matthew 17:6

And [when] the disciples heard [this], they fell down on their faces and were extremely frightened.

Matthew 17:13

Then the disciples understood that he had spoken to them about John the Baptist.

Mark 11:14

And he responded [and] said to it, "Let no one eat fruit from you any more {forever}!" And his disciples heard [it].

Mark 14:16

And the disciples went out and came into the city and found [everything] just as he had told them, and they prepared the Passover.

John 20:20

And [when he] had said this, he showed [his] hands and [his] side to them. Then the disciples rejoiced [when they] saw the Lord.

Luke 19:37

Now [as] he was drawing near by this time to the descent from the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of the disciples began rejoicing to praise God with a loud voice for all the miracles that they had seen,

Mark 10:13

And they were bringing young children to him so that he could touch them, but the disciples rebuked them.

Luke 18:15

Now they were bringing even [their] babies to him so that he could touch them. But [when] the disciples saw [it], they rebuked them.

Matthew 14:15

Now [when it] was evening, the disciples came to him saying, "The place is desolate and the hour {is late}. Release the crowds so that they can go away into the villages [and] purchase food for themselves."

Matthew 15:23

But he did not answer her a word. And his disciples came up [and] asked him, saying, "Send her away, because she is crying out after us!"

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