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23 Bible Verses about Isolated Persons

Most Relevant Verses

Leviticus 13:46

[For] all [the] days [during] which the infection [is] on him, he shall be unclean; he must live alone; his dwelling [must be] {outside the camp}."

Exodus 21:3

If he comes in single, he will go out single. If he is the husband of a wife, his wife will go out with him.

Exodus 21:4

If his master gives him a wife and she bears for him sons or daughters, the wife and her children will belong to her master, and [the slave] will go out single.

Lamentations 3:28

Let him sit alone and be silent when he has laid it on him.

Jeremiah 15:17

I sat not in the assembly of jokers, [nor did] I exult. Because of the {presence} of your hand I sat alone, for you filled me [with] indignation.

1 Timothy 5:5

But the widow [who is one] truly, and is left alone, has put her hope in God and continues in her petitions and prayers night and day.

Isaiah 5:8

Ah! Those who {join} house with house, they join field together with field until {there is no place} and you are caused to dwell alone in the midst of the land.

Matthew 14:15

Now [when it] was evening, the disciples came to him saying, "The place is desolate and the hour {is late}. Release the crowds so that they can go away into the villages [and] purchase food for themselves."

Genesis 32:24

And Jacob remained alone, and a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the dawn.

Matthew 17:8

And [when they] lifted up their eyes they saw no one except him--Jesus alone.

Mark 9:8

And suddenly, looking around, they no longer saw anyone with them but Jesus alone.

Luke 9:36

And after the voice had occurred, Jesus was found alone. And they kept silent and told no one in those days anything of what they had seen.

Mark 4:10

And when he was alone, those around him together with the twelve began asking him about the parables.

Matthew 14:23

And [after he] sent away the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. So [when] evening came, he was there alone.

Mark 6:47

And [when] evening came, the boat was in the middle of the sea and he [was] alone on the land.

John 8:9

Now [when they] heard [it], being convicted by their conscience, they began to depart, one by one, beginning with the older ones, and Jesus was left alone--and the woman who was in [their] midst.

John 16:32

Behold, an hour is coming--and has come--that you will be scattered each one to his own [home], and you will leave me alone. And I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

John 12:24

Truly, truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth [and] dies, it remains [by] itself alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit.

1 Thessalonians 3:1

Therefore [when we] could bear [it] no longer, we determined to be left behind in Athens alone,

Acts 28:16

And when we entered into Rome, Paul was allowed to stay by himself with the soldier who was guarding him.

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