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15 Bible Verses about Things Like Bronze

Most Relevant Verses

Deuteronomy 28:23

The sky above you will be bronze, and the earth beneath you iron.

Job 6:12

Is my strength that of stone,
or my flesh made of bronze?

Job 40:18

His bones are bronze tubes;
his limbs are like iron rods.

Daniel 10:6

His body was like topaz, his face like the brilliance of lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and feet like the gleam of polished bronze, and the sound of his words like the sound of a multitude.

Revelation 1:15

His feet were like fine bronze as it is fired in a furnace, and His voice like the sound of cascading waters.

Revelation 2:18

“Write to the angel of the church in Thyatira:“The Son of God, the One whose eyes are like a fiery flame and whose feet are like fine bronze, says:

Ezekiel 1:7

Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the hooves of a calf, sparkling like the gleam of polished bronze.

Jeremiah 6:28

All are stubborn rebels
spreading slander.
They are bronze and iron;
all of them are corrupt.

Jeremiah 1:18

Today, I am the One who has made you a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls against the whole land—against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests, and the population.

Jeremiah 15:20

Then I will make you a fortified wall of bronze
to this people.
They will fight against you
but will not overcome you,
for I am with you
to save you and deliver you.
This is the Lord’s declaration.

Ezekiel 40:3

He brought me there, and I saw a man whose appearance was like bronze, with a linen cord and a measuring rod in his hand. He was standing by the gate.

Daniel 2:39

“After you, there will arise another kingdom, inferior to yours, and then another, a third kingdom, of bronze, which will rule the whole earth.

Zechariah 6:1

Then I looked up again and saw four chariots coming from between two mountains. And the mountains were made of bronze.

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