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20 Bible Verses about Three To Nine Hundred Thousand

Most Relevant Verses

1 Samuel 11:8

Saul mustered them at Bezek, and there were 300,000 Israelis and 30,000 men of Judah.

2 Chronicles 14:8

Asa kept a standing army of 300,000 soldiers from Judah equipped with large shields and spears, as well as 280,000 soldiers from Benjamin, also bearing shields and wielding bows. All of them were valiant soldiers.

2 Chronicles 25:5

Amaziah gathered Judah together and organized them according to their ancestral households under commanders of thousands and hundreds throughout Judah and Benjamin. He then mustered an army from those who were 20 years old and older. He discovered that there were 300,000 elite soldiers qualified for war duty and capable of handling spears and shields.

2 Chronicles 17:14

Here's how they were mustered, listed according to their ancestral houses and listed by commanders of thousands: Adnah commanded 300,000 elite forces.

2 Chronicles 26:13

Uzziah commanded an army of 307,500 who could fight formidably on behalf of the king against any enemy.

Numbers 31:36

Now half of the share of those who went to war numbered 337,500 sheep,

Numbers 31:43

there were 337,500 sheep for the community,

Judges 20:2

The officials of the entire nation, including every tribe of Israel, took their stand in the assembly of the people of God: 400,000 foot soldiers, all of them expert swordsmen.

Judges 20:17

But the Israeli army not counting the tribe of Benjamin numbered 400,000 expert swordsmen, all of them battle-hardened soldiers.

2 Chronicles 13:3

A war started between Abijah and Jeroboam. Abijah started the battle with an army of 400,000 specially chosen valiant soldiers, but Jeroboam opposed him with 800,000 specially chosen valiant soldiers.

1 Chronicles 21:5

to report the total population count to David. Throughout all of Israel there were 1,100,000 men trained for war. In Judah there were 470,000 men trained for war.

2 Samuel 24:9

Joab reported the total number of men to the king. In Israel there were 800,000 men trained for war. In Judah there were 500,000.

2 Chronicles 13:17

Abijah and his army defeated them in a tremendous slaughter that resulted in 500,000 special forces from Israel being slain.

Exodus 12:37

About 600,000 Israeli men traveled from Rameses to Succoth on foot, not counting children.

Numbers 11:21

Moses responded, "I'm with 600,000 people on foot and you're saying I am to give them enough meat to eat for a whole month?

Numbers 26:51

The total of those numbered among the Israelis was 601,730.

Exodus 38:26

a beka a head (a beka is half a shekel, according to the standard used in the sanctuary) for everyone who went through the registration process from 20 years old and older. The total numbered 603,550 bekas.

Numbers 1:46

The total of all those who were numbered was 603,550.

Numbers 2:32

Here is a summary of the census of the Israelis according to the tribes of their ancestral houses: All the divisions in the camps numbered 603,550,

Numbers 31:32

The goods confiscated in excess of the war implements that the warriors had gathered included 675,000 sheep,

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