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'Body's' in the Bible

and a dead body's fat or mangled carcass's fat may be used for any {purpose}, but you certainly must not eat it.

"When a {person} has on his body's skin a swelling or an epidermal eruption or a spot and it becomes an infectious skin disease on his body's skin, then he shall be brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons the priests.

And the priest shall examine the infection on his body's skin, and [if] [the] hair in the infection turns white and the appearance of the infection [is] deeper than his body's skin, it [is] an infectious skin disease, and the priest shall examine it, and he shall declare him unclean.

But if a spot [is] white on his body's skin and its appearance is not deeper than the skin and its hair does not turn white, then the priest shall confine the afflicted person [for] seven days.

it [is] a chronic infectious skin disease on his body's skin, and the priest shall declare him unclean; he shall not confine him, because he [is] unclean.

"And when a man or a woman {has} spots on their body's skin, white spots,

then the priest shall examine [them], and {if} [the] spots on their body's skin [are] faded white, it [is] a skin rash; it has broken out on the skin--it [is] clean.

There is no flaw in his body's armor; it is firmly fixed on him and unbreachable.

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