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'Northern' in the Bible

Your northern border will be from the Great Sea; you will make a boundary from the Great Sea to Mount Hor.

You will measure outside the city the eastern edge two thousand cubits, for the southern edge two thousand cubits, for the western edge two thousand cubits, and for the northern edge two thousand cubits, with the city in the middle; this will be for them the pasturelands of the cities.

[The] eastern border [is] the Salt Sea up to the mouth of the Jordan. [The] border on [the] northern side [runs] from the bay of the sea at the mouth of the Jordan;

Their northern border began at the Jordan and went up to the slope of Jericho on [the] north and continued into the hill country to the west; {it ends} at the wilderness of Beth Aven.

And he erected the columns in front of the temple, one on the south and one on the north. He called the name of the southern one Jakin, and the name of the northern one Boaz.

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צפן צפון 
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