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'Reserve' in the Bible

Let the food be kept in reserve to feed the land for the seven years of famine that will occur throughout Egypt, so the people don't die during the famine."

The grazing lands that you are to reserve for use by the descendants of Levi are to extend 1,000 cubits from the walls of the town.

You must reserve three cities within the land that the LORD your God is about to give you to possess.

Therefore I am commanding you to reserve three cities."

"When you have finished your harvest, reserve the tithe in the third year (the year of the tithe), and give the entire tithe to the descendants of Levi, to the foreigners, to the orphans, and to the widows, so they may eat and be satisfied in your cities.

"Is this not kept in reserve, sealed up with me in my treasury?

David confiscated 1,000 chariots, 7,000 horsemen, and 20,000 foot soldiers from him, and hamstrung all of the chariot horses except for a reserve force of 100 chariots.

They set aside in reserve the burnt offerings, so they could distribute them in proportion to the divisions of their ancestral households for presentation by the people to the LORD, as is required by the book of Moses. They did this with respect to the bulls, also.

Why doesn't the Almighty reserve time for judgment? And why don't those who know him perceive his days?

The entire Terumah is to be 25,000 units by 25,000 units you are to reserve it as a holy Terumah in the form of a square within the city limits."

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