1 And queen Sheba heard the report of Solomon for the name of Jehovah, and she will come to try him in enigmas. 2 And she will come to Jerusalem with very weighty strength, camels lifting up spices, and exceeding much gold and precious stone: and she will come to Solomon and will speak to him all which was in her heart 3 And Solomon will announce to her all her words: there was not a word hid from the king which he announced not to her. 4 And queen Sheba will see all Solomon's wisdom, and the house which he built, 5 And the food of his table, and the seats of his servants, and the standing of his attendants, and their vestments, and his cup-bearers, and his burnt-offerings which he will bring up to the house of Jehovah; and no more spirit was in her.
6 And she will say to the king, The word was truth which I heard in my land concerning thy words, and concerning thy wisdom. 7 And I believed not the words until I came, and mine eyes will see it: and behold, the half was not announced to me: thou didst add wisdom and good to the report which I heard. 8 Happy thy men, happy these thy servants, standing before thee continually, hearing thy wisdom. 9 Jehovah thy God will be blessed, who delighted in thee to give thee upon the throne of Israel: in Jehovah's loving Israel forever, and he will set thee up for king to do judgment and justice.
10 And she will give to the king a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and spices very many, and precious stone; there came no more as this spice for multitude which queen Sheba gave to king Solomon.
11 And also the ship of Hiram which lifted up gold from Ophir, brought from Ophir woods of almugs very many, and precious stone. 12 And the king will make of the almug trees a support for the house of Jehovah, and for the king's house, harps and lyres for songs; there came not such woods of almugs, and were not seen even to this day.
13 And king Solomon gave to queen Sheba all her desire which she asked, besides what he gave to her according to the hand of king Solomon. And she will turn and go to her land, she and her servants
14 And the weight of gold which came to Solomon in one year will be six hundred sixty and six talents of gold, 15 Besides from the men travelling about and from the traffic of the merchants, and all the kings of Arabia and all the prefects of the earth.
16 And king Solomon will make two hundred shields of beaten gold; six hundred of gold will come up upon the one shield. 17 And three hundred shields of beaten gold; three parts of gold will come up upon the one shield: and the king will give them to the house of the forest of Lebanon.
18 And the king will make a great ivory throne, and overlaid it with pure gold. 19 Six steps to the throne, and the head rounded to the throne from its back parts: and hands hence and thence upon the place of the seat, and two lions standing beside the hands. 20 And twelve lions standing there upon the six steps, hence and thence: there was not made thus to all the kingdoms.
21 And all the drinking vessels of king Solomon, gold, and every vessel of the house of the forest of Lebanon, gold shut up; nothing silver: it was not reckoned in the days of Solomon for any thing. 22 for a ship of Tharshish to the king in the sea with the ship of Hiram: one for three years will come, a ship of Tharshish lifting up gold and silver and ivory and apes and peacocks.
23 And king Solomon will be magnified above all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom. 24 And all the earth are seeking the face of Solomon to hear his wisdom which God gave in his heart 25 And they were bringing each his gifts, vessels of silver and vessels of gold, and garments and weapons and spices, horses, and mules, the word of a year in a year.
26 And Solomon will gather together chariots and horsemen: and there will be to him a thousand and four hundred chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen; and he will set them down in the cities of chariots and with the king in Jerusalem. 27 And the king will give silver in Jerusalem, as stones, and cedars he gave as sycamores which are in the plain for multitude. 28 And a going forth of horses out of Egypt to Solomon, and a caravan of the king's merchants will take the caravan at a price. 29 And a chariot will go up and come forth out of Egypt with six hundred of silver, and a horse at fifty and a hundred: and thus for all the kings of the Hittites and for the kings of Aram, by their hand they will bring forth.