1 Let the married women be subservient to their husbands, that if they happen to disbelieve the gospel, they may be gain'd by the instructive conduct of their wives, 2 by observing the religious chastity of their manners. 3 let their ornament consist, not in what is external, in curling the hair, in appendages of gold, or finery of dress; 4 but in the internal qualities of the mind, in that purity, in that mild and dispassionate temper, which is so acceptable to the divine being. 5 the holy religious women of former times were thus adorned, and were submissive to their husbands. 6 such was Sarah, who show'd her obeysance to Abraham, by stiling him her Lord: and you will be stiled her children, if you imitate her conduct, and are not to be terrified out of your virtue.
7 You husbands, do you on your part behave with prudence towards your wives: who being of a more delicate make, ought to be treated with the greater tenderness: and consider they are equally intitled to the evangelical gifts, that your prayers may not be frustrated.
8 In a word, live all of you in perfect agreement and sympathy, be full of fraternal love, compassion, and affability. 9 don't return evil for evil, nor calumny for calumny; on the contrary, bestow your benedictions, considering that your vocation obliges you thereto, as a means to obtain the divine blessing.
10 " He that desires to live in prosperity, must restrain his tongue from detraction, and his lips from uttering falsehood: 11 he must avoid vice, practise virtue, seek peace, and persevere in the enquiry. 12 for the eyes of the Lord are upon the virtuous, and his ears attend to their prayers, but the wicked he discountenances."
13 for who can hurt you, if you strive to excel in virtue. 14 However, if you suffer in the cause of virtue, it is your happiness: and instead of being over-awed by their threats, and struck with concern, 15 adore the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready to show with modesty and respect to every one that asks it, what ground there is for the expectations you have: 16 always maintaining a good conscience, that instead of inveighing against you as evildoers, they may be cover'd with confusion, who traduce your virtuous behaviour as Christians. 17 for since it is the will of heaven you should suffer, it is better you should suffer for your virtue, than for any crimes.
18 for Jesus Christ himself has already suffer'd for our sins, the innocent for the guilty, to bring us to God: who, tho' he died with respect to his body, was rais'd to life by that spirit,
19 by which he went with guardian spirits to preach to 20 those antient rebels in the time of Noah, when the divine forbearance waited, till the ark was quite finish'd, in which only eight persons were saved by means of the water. 21 thus baptism, which corresponds to the deluge, does now save us, not as it is a cleansing from external filth, but as it is an engagement to lead a divine life, from the belief of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, 22 who being ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of God, where angels, dominations, and potentates have been subjected to him.