1 Let those who are in a state of servitude, consider the entire respect due to their masters, that the name of God, and the doctrine of the gospel may not be blasphemed. 2 let them not treat their christian masters, on pretence of being their brethren, with less respect: but be the more obsequious, because they are believers, and deserve to be belov'd, for the kind provision they make for them. let this be the subject of your instructions, and exhortation. 3 If any one deviate from this doctrine, not adhering to the wholesome instructions of our Lord Jesus Christ, the true doctrine of piety, 4 he is full of pride and ignorance, touch'd with a spirit of chicanery and wrangling, productive of envy, contention, calumny, 5 mischievous opinions, and a familiarity with pernicious ignorant impostors, who consider religion only as it makes for their gain. 6 Religion indeed with contentment leads to great gain.
7 as we brought nothing into the world, certain it is, we can carry nothing away. having therefore food and raiment, 8 we ought to think that sufficient. but they who will be rich, expose
9 themselves to temptations and snares, and to many foolish noxious passions, which plunge men into ruin and perdition. for the love of money is the root of all evil: 10 which some having obtain'd, have revolted from the faith, and brought upon themselves variety of piercing pains.
11 As for you the minister of God, avoid those things: adhere to justice, piety, faith, charity, patience, and benignity of temper. 12 exert yourself in the glorious cause of faith, and secure the prize of eternal life, to which you were called, when you made that excellent profession of faith before so many witnesses.
13 I enjoin you, before God, who gives life to all, and before Christ Jesus, who made a glorious confession before Pontius Pilate; 14 to observe these precepts, to lead an unspotted life without reproof until the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 whose advent HE will in his own time display, WHO is perfectly happy, who alone is omnipotent, the king of kings, and the lord of all that bear rule; 16 who alone is essentially immortal, dwelling in that inaccessible light, which no mortal ever saw, or can see: to whom belongs everlasting honour and empire. amen.
17 Charge those that are rich in this world, not to be elated, not to depend upon their perishable wealth, but upon the God of life, who furnishes us with every thing in plenty for our enjoyment; 18 to be beneficent, to be rich in good works, to be liberal to the common fund, 19 securing to themselves a well-grounded expectation of obtaining hereafter an immortal life.
20 O Timothy, keep what is deposited in your care, avoiding the prophane empty declamations and objections of a spurious science, which some have profess'd, 21 and thereby deviated from the true principles of faith. grace be with you. AMEN.