1 The son of twelve years was Manasseh in his reigning, and fifty and five years he reigned in Jerusalem. 2 And he will do the evil in the eyes of Jehovah, as the abominations of the nations which Jehovah dispossessed from before the sons of Israel. 3 And he will turn back and build the heights which Hezekiah his father pulled down; and he will raise up altars for the Baals, and he will make statues, and worship to all the army of the heavens, and he will serve them. 4 And he built altars in the house of Jehovah, which Jehovah said, In Jerusalem shall be my name forever. 5 And he will build altars to all the army of the heavens in the two enclosures of the house of Jehovah. 6 And he caused his sons to pass through in fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom: and he practiced magic and used divination, and offered prayers, and made sorcerers and wizards: he multiplied to do evil in the eyes of Jehovah to irritate him.
7 And he will set up a carved image, the likeness which he made in the house of God, of which God said to David and to Solomon his son, In this house and in Jerusalem which I chose from all the tribes of Israel, I will set my name forever. 8 And I will not add to remove the foot of Israel from the land which I set to your fathers; only if they will watch to do all I commanded them, for all the law and the precepts and the judgments by the hand of Moses. 9 And Manasseh will cause Judah and those inhabiting Jerusalem to wander, to do evil more than the nations which Jehovah destroyed from before the sons of Israel
10 And Jehovah will speak to Manasseh, and to his people, and they attended not 11 And Jehovah will bring upon them the chiefs of the army which were to the king of Assur, and they will take Manasseh with hooks, and they will bind him with fetters and cause him to go to Babel. 12 And when straits were to him he besought the face of Jehovah his God, and he will humble himself greatly from before the God of his fathers. 13 And he will pray to him, and he will be entreated for him, and he will hear his supplication, and he will turn him back to Jerusalem to his kingdom. And Manasseh knew that Jehovah he is God.
14 And after this he built a wall outside to the city of David from the west to Gihon, in the valley to the entering into the gate of fishes, and it turned round about to the hill, and he will lift it up greatly, and he will set chiefs of the army in all the fortified cities in Judah.
15 And he will remove the strange gods and the likeness from the house of Jehovah, and all the altars which he built in the mountain of the house of Jehovah, and in Jerusalem, and he will cast without to the city. 16 And he will build the altar of Jehovah, and he will sacrifice upon it sacrifices of peace and praise, and he will say to Judah serve Jehovah the God of Israel. 17 But the people yet are sacrificing in the height, only to Jehovah their God.
18 And the rest of the words of Manasseh, and his prayer to his God, and the words of the seers speaking to him in the name of Jehovah the God of Israel, behold them upon the words of the kings of Israel. 19 And his prayer, and he was entreated for him and all his sin, and his transgression, and the places where he built in them heights, and he set up statues and carved images before his humbling: behold them written upon the words of the seers. 20 And Manasseh will lie down with his fathers, and they will bury him in his house: and Amon his son will reign in his stead.
21 The son of twenty and two years was Amon in his reigning, and two years he reigned in Jerusalem. 22 And he will do the evil in the eyes of Jehovah as did Manasseh his father: and to all the carved images which Manasseh his father made, Amon sacrificed, and he will serve them. 23 And he was not humbled from before Jehovah as Manasseh his father humbled himself; for this Amon multiplied trespass.
24 And his servants will conspire against him, and they will kill him in his house. 25 And the people of the land will strike all those conspiring against king Amon; and the people of the land will make Josiah his son king in his stead.