1 Take notice that in the latter days difficult incidents will arise; 2 for men will be selfish, avaricious, vain, proud, slanderers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, 3 villainous, unnatural, perfidious, defamers, debauchees, 4 cruel, enemies to virtue, traitors, insolent, conceited, and more devoted to pleasure than to piety: 5 of which they wear the appearance, but disclaim its influence. have no intercourse with such.
6 Of this number are they, who insinuate themselves into families, to make a prey of the weaker sex, who are inveigled by their vitious suggestions, abetted by their own subtle passions, 7 and by lending an assiduous ear to such lessons, render it impossible they should ever be acquainted with the truth. 8 Moses did not meet with greater opposition from Jannes and Jambres, than truth does from men so corrupted in their mind, and so adulterated in their faith. 9 but they will be stop'd in their career; for they shall be expos'd to the world for impostors, as those magicians were.
10 As for me, you are perfectly acquainted with my doctrine, my conduct, my designs, my temper, my benevolence, my constancy, 11 my persecutions, and the sufferings that befel me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions did I endure? but the Lord deliver'd me out of them all: yes, 12 and those who will live like Christians, shall generally suffer persecution. 13 as for these impious impostors, they will go on from bad to worse, seducing others, and deluding themselves. 14 But be you attach'd to the doctrine you have learnt, with which you are intrusted, considering by whom you have been instructed: 15 and that from your infancy you were acquainted with the sacred writings, which point you the way to salvation, by believing in Christ Jesus: 16 for all divinely inspired writings are conducive to instruction, to conviction, to reformation, and the practice of virtue; 17 that the minister of God may be perfectly accomplished for every office of religion.