1 as for you, masters, give to your servants what is just and suitable: considering that you also have a master in heaven.
2 Persevere and be vigilant in prayer and in thanksgiving: 3 put up your requests likewise for me, that God would give me an opportunity to declare the mystery of Christ (for which I am even in bonds:) 4 that I may publish it in the manner, it should necessarily be done. 5 Be prudent in your conduct to those, who are not christians: and make the best of of every opportunity. 6 let an air of modesty appear in all your discourse; and let it be seasoned with discretion, in making a proper reply, when you are call'd into question.
7 As to what relates to me, you will be inform'd of it by Tychicus my dear brother, who is a faithful minister of the Lord, and serves him with me. 8 I sent him on purpose to acquaint you with my circumstances, and give you matter of comfort. 9 I have sent him with Onesimus a faithful and beloved brother, who is of your city: they will inform you of what passes here.
10 Aristarchus my companion in bonds salutes you. and so does Mark, nephew to Barnabas, for whom you have receiv'd recommendations. if he come to you, give him a kind reception. 11 Jesus, who is called Justus, salutes you: these are the only Jews who by assisting me in preaching the gospel, 12 have cordially reliev'd me. Epaphras a servant of Christ, and your countryman, salutes you, who is always very earnest in his prayers, that you may be perfectly acquainted with, and constantly observe, 13 the whole will of God. for I can witness for him, that he is ardently concern'd for you, and the christians of Laodicea, 14 and Hierapolis. our dear brother Luke the Physician, and Demas salute you. 15 Salute our brethren of Laodicea, and Nymphas, and the 16 church which uses to meet in his house. when this epistle has been read among you, take care that it be read likewise in the church of the Laodiceans, and 17 that you read the epistle from Laodicea. give Archippus this instruction from me, take care to discharge the function, you
18 have received from the Lord. I Paul salute you, and this salutation I write with my own hand. remember my bonds. grace be with you. AMEN.