1 In the third month, in the coming forth of the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt, in that day they came to the desert of Sinai. 2 And they will remove from Rephidim, and they will come to the desert of Sinai, and they will encamp in the desert; and Israel will encamp there before the mountain.
3 And Moses went up to God, and Jehovah will call to him from the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob and shalt announce to the sons of Israel: 4 Ye saw what I did to Egypt, and I will lift you up upon the wings of eagles, and I will bring you to me. 5 And now if hearing, ye shall hear to my voice, and watch my covenant, and ye were to me wealth above all peoples, for to me is all the earth. 6 And ye shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These the words which thou shalt speak to the sons of Israel.
7 And Moses will go and will call to the old men of the people, and he will set before them all these words that Jehovah commanded him. 8 And all the people will answer together, and will say, All which Jehovah spake, we will do. And Moses turned back the words of the people to Jehovah.
9 And Jehovah will say to Moses, Behold me coming to thee in the darkness of the cloud, so that the people shall hear in my speaking with thee, and also in thee shall they believe forever. And Moses will announce the words of the people to Jehovah. 10 And Jehovah will say to Moses, Go to the people and consecrate them this day, and the morrow; and they washed their garments, 11 And be ye prepared for the third day, for in the third day Jehovah will come down before the eyes of all the people upon mount Sinai. 12 And set bounds to the people round about, saying, Watch for yourselves to go up into the mount, and to touch upon its extremity: every one touching upon the mount, dying, shall die. 13 No hand shall touch upon it, for being stoned, he shall be stoned, or being shot, shall be shot; whether quadruped or man, it shall not live: in protracting the shouting, they shall go up upon the mount
14 And Moses will come down from the mount to the people, and he will consecrate the people; and they will wash their garments. 15 And he will say to the people, Be prepared; for three days ye shall not come near to a woman.
16 And it shall be in the third day, it being in the morning, and there shall be voices, and lightnings, and a heavy cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceedingly strong; and all the people in the camp will tremble. 17 And Moses will bring forth the people to the meeting of God out of the camp; and they will stand in the lower parts of the mount 18 And mount Sinai smoked all of it, because that Jehovah came down upon it in fire: and its smoke will go up as the smoke of the furnace, and all the mountain will tremble exceedingly. 19 And the voice of the trumpet will be going and strengthening exceedingly, Moses will speak and God will answer him by a voice.
20 And Jehovah will come down upon mount Sinai to the head of the mount: and Jehovah will call for Moses to the head of the mount and Moses will go up. 21 And Jehovah will say to Moses, Go down: protest to the people lest they shall break in to Jehovah to see, and a multitude fall from them. 22 And also the priests drawing near to Jehovah, shall be consecrated, lest Jehovah shall break forth upon them.
23 And Moses will say to Jehovah, The people shall not be able to come up to mount Sinai, for thou didst protest to us, saying, Set bounds to the mountain, and consecrate it 24 And Jehovah will say to him, Go; come down, and come up, thou and Aaron with thee: and the priests and the people shall not break in to come up to Jehovah lest he shall break forth upon them. 25 And Moses will come down to the people and will say to them.