1 And Bezalel made the ark of sethim-wood two cubits and a half long and a cubit and a half broad, and a cubit and a half high: 2 and overlaid it with fine gold both within and without, and made a crown of gold to it round about, 3 and cast for it four rings of gold for the four corners of it: two rings for the one side and two for the other, 4 and made staves of sethim-wood, and covered them with gold, 5 and put the staves in the rings along by the side of the ark to bear it withal.
6 And he made the mercy seat of pure gold two cubits and a half long and one cubit and a half broad, 7 and made two cherubims of thick gold upon the two ends of the mercy seat: 8 One cherub on the one end, and another cherub on the other end of the mercy seat. 9 And the cherubims spread out their wings above on high, and covered the mercy seat therewith. And their faces were one to another: even to the mercy seat ward, were the faces of the cherubims.
10 And he made the table of sethim-wood two cubits long and a cubit broad, and a cubit and a half high, 11 and overlaid it with fine gold, and made thereto a crown of gold round about, 12 and made thereto a hoop of a hand breadth round about, and made unto the hoop a crown of gold round about, 13 and cast for it four rings of gold and put the rings in the four corners by the feet: 14 even under the hoop to put staves in to bear the table withal. 15 And he made staves of sethim-wood and covered them with gold to bear the table withal, 16 and made the vessels that were on the table of pure gold; the dishes, spoons, flat pieces and pots to pour withal.
17 And he made the candlestick of pure thick gold: both the candlestick and his shaft: with branches, bowls, knops and flowers proceeding out of it. 18 Six branches proceeding out of the sides thereof, three out of the one side and three out of the other. 19 And on every branch were three cups like unto almonds, with knops and flowers throughout the six branches that proceeded out of the candlestick. 20 And upon the candlestick self, were four cups after the fashion of almonds with knops and flowers: 21 under every two branches a knop. 22 And the knops and the branches proceeded out of it, and were all one piece of pure thick gold. 23 And he made seven lamps thereto, and the snuffers thereof, and firepans of pure gold. 24 An hundred weight of pure gold, made both it and all that belonged thereto.
25 And he made the cense altar of sethim-wood of a cubit long and a cubit broad: even four square, and two cubits high with horns proceeding out of it. 26 And he covered it with pure gold; both the top and the sides round about and the horns of it, and made unto it a crown of gold round about. 27 And he made two rings of gold unto it, even under the crown upon either side of it, to put staves in for to bear it withal: 28 and made staves of sethim-wood, and overlaid them with gold.
29 And he made the holy anointing oil and the sweet pure cense after the apothecary's craft.