1 with the freedom for which Christ set us free. Make a firm stand then, do not slip into any yoke of servitude. 2 Here, listen to Paul! I tell you, if you get circumcised, Christ will be no use to you. 3 I insist on this again to everyone who gets circumcised, that he is obliged to carry out the whole of the Law. 4 You are for justification by the Law? Then you are done with Christ, you have deserted grace, 5 for it is by faith that 'we' wait in the Spirit for the righteousness we hope for; 6 in Christ Jesus circumcision is not valid, neither is uncircumcision, but only faith active in love.
7 You were doing splendidly. Who was it that prevented you from obeying the Truth? 8 That sort of suasion does not come from Him who called you! 9 (A morsel of dough will leaven the whole lump.) 10 I feel persuaded in the Lord that you will not go wrong. But he who unsettles you will have to meet his doom, no matter who he is. 11 I am 'still preaching circumcision myself,' am I? Then, brothers, why am I still being persecuted? And so the stumbling-block of the cross has lost its force, forsooth! 12 O that those who are upsetting you would get themselves castrated!
13 Brothers, you were called to be free; only, do not make your freedom an opening for the flesh, but serve one another in love. 14 For the entire Law is summed up in one word, in You must love your neighbour as yourself 15 (whereas, if you snap at each other and prey upon each other, take care in case you destroy one another).
16 I mean, lead the life of the Spirit; then you will never satisfy the passions of the flesh. 17 For the passion of the flesh is against the Spirit, and the passion of the Spirit against the flesh ??the two are at issue, so that you are not free to do as you please. 18 If you are under the sway of the Spirit, you are not under the Law.
19 Now the deeds of the flesh are quite obvious, such as sexual vice, impurity, sensuality, 20 idolatry, magic, quarrels, dissension, jealousy, temper, rivalry, factions, party-spirit, 21 envy, [murder], drinking bouts, revelry, and the like; I tell you beforehand as I have told you already, that people who indulge in such practices will never inherit the Realm of God.
22 But the harvest of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, good temper, kindliness, generosity, fidelity, 23 gentleness, self-control: ??there is no law against those who practise such things. 24 Now those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its emotions and passions. 25 As we live by the Spirit, let us be guided by the Spirit; 26 let us have no vanity, no provoking, no envy of one another.