1 And Rachel will see that she shall not bring forth to Jacob, and Rachel will envy her sister, and will say to Jacob, Give me sons, and if not, I die.
2 And Jacob's anger will burn at Rachel, and he will say, Am I instead of God, who kept back from thee the fruit of the belly?
3 And she will say, Behold my maid Bilhah; go in to her, and she shall bring forth upon my knees, and I also shall be built from her. 4 And she will give to him Bilhah her maid for a wife, and Jacob will go in to her. 5 And Bilhah will conceive and will bear to Jacob a son. 6 And Rachel will say, God judged me and also heard my voice, and he will give to me a son; for this she called his name Dan.
7 And Bilhah, Rachel's maid will yet again conceive and bare a second son to Jacob. 8 And Rachel will say, The wrestlings of God I wrestled with my sister; also I was able. And she will call his name Naphtali.
9 And Leah will see that she stood from bringing forth, and she will take Zilpah her maid and will give her to Jacob for a wife. 10 And Zilpah, Leah's maid, will bear to Jacob a son. 11 And Leah will say, In good fortune: and she will call his name Gad.
12 And Zilpah, Leah's maid, will bear a second son to Jacob. 13 And Leah will say, In my happiness, for the daughters will pronounce me happy; and she will call his name Asher.
14 And Reuben will go in the day of the harvest of wheat, and will find apples of mandrakes in the field, and he will bring them to Leah his mother: and Rachel will say to Leah, Give now to me of thy son's apples of mandrakes.
15 And she will say to her, Is it little, thy taking my husband'! and thou didst take also my son's apples of mandrakes? And Rachel will say, For this he shall lie with thee this night, for thy son's apples of mandrakes.
16 And Jacob will come from the field in the evening, and Leah will go forth to his meeting, and she will say, Thou shalt come in to me, for hiring I hired thee for my son's apples of mandrakes: and he will lie with her in that night
17 And God will listen to Leah, and she will conceive and bear to Jacob the fifth son. 18 And Leah will say, God gave me My hire because I gave my maid to my husband: and she will call his name Issachar. 19 And Leah will conceive yet again, and will bear the sixth son to Jacob. 20 And Leah will say, God gave me a good gift; this time will my husband dwell with me, for I have borne to him six sons. And she will call his name Zebulon. 21 And afterwards she bare a daughter, and she will call her name Dinah.
22 And God will remember Rachel, and God will listen to her, and he will open her womb. 23 And she will conceive and will bare a son, and she will say, God took away my reproach. 24 And she will call his name Joseph, saying, God will add to me another son.
25 And it shall be when Rachel bare Joseph, and Jacob will say to Laban, send me away, and I shall go to my place and to my land. 26 Give my wives and my children, for whom I served thee, and I will go forth; for thou knewest ray work which I served thee.
27 And Laban will say to him, If now I found grace in thine eyes, I prognosticated, and Jehovah will praise me because of thee. 28 And he will say, Specify thy hire to me, and I will give.
29 And he will say to him, Thou. knewest what I served thee, and what was thy cattle with me. 30 For little which was to thee before me, and it will break forth into a multitude; and Jehovah will praise thee at my foot: and now when shall I make to myself a house?
31 And he will say, What shall I give to thee? and Jacob will say, Thou shalt not give to me anything. If thou wilt do to me this word, I will return; I will feed thy sheep; I will watch. 32 I will pass over among all thy sheep this day, removing from thence every sheep speckled and patched, and every sheep black among the lambs; and the patched and speckled among the she-goats; and it shall be my hire. 33 And my justice shall speak for me in the day tomorrow, when it shall come for my hire before thy face: every one which is not speckled and patched among the she-goats and black among the lambs, that to be stolen with me.
34 And Laban will say to him, Behold, it shall be according to thy word.
35 And he will remove in that day the he-goats banded and patched, and all the she-goats speckled and patched; every one which being white on it, and every one black among the sheep, and he will give into the hand of his sons. 36 And he will set a way of three days between him and between Jacob; and Jacob fed Laban's sheep the rest.
37 And Jacob will take to himself a rod of green storax, and the almond tree, and the plane tree, and he will strip off of them the white strippings, uncovering the white which was upon the rods. 38 And he set the rods which he stripped, in the flowings of channels of water, when the flock shall come to drink, before the sheep, and they shall be in heat in coming to drink. 39 And the sheep shall conceive at the rods, and shall bring forth sheep banded and speckled and patched. 40 And Jacob separated the lambs, and he will give the faces of the sheep to the banded and every one black among the sheep of Laban: and he will set to himself the flocks, to himself alone, and not put them with Laban's sheep.
41 And it was in every one conceiving of the strong sheep, and Jacob put the rods before the eyes of the sheep in the floorings, to conceive among the rods. 42 And in the sheep being feeble, he will not put in: and those being feeble, were to Laban, and those being strong, to Jacob. 43 And the man will break forth greatly, greatly; and there will be to him many sheep and maids, and servants, and camels and asses.