1 Then Jacob lifted up his eyes and looked, and lo! Esau, coming in, - and with him, four hundred men. So he divided the children - unto Leah and unto Rachel, and unto the two handmaids; 2 and put the handmaids and their children first, - and Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph next; 3 but he himself, passed over before them, and bowed himself to the earth seven times, until he had come near unto his brother.
4 Then ran Esau to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, - and they wept. 5 Then lifted he up his eyes, and beheld the women and the children, and said What are these to thee? And he said - The children wherewith God hath favoured thy servant, 6 Then came near the handmaids, they - and their children, - and bowed themselves. 7 Then came near Leah also with her children, - and they bowed themselves. And afterwards, came near Joseph with Rachel, and they bowed themselves,
8 Then said he, What to thee is all this camp, which I have fallen in with? And he said, - To find favour in the eyes of my lord.
9 Then said Esau, I have an abundance, - my brother, be thine what thou hast!
10 Then said Jacob, Nay, I pray thee, if, I pray thee, have found favour in thine eyes, then thou wilt take my present at my hand, - For on this account, hath my seeing thy face been like seeing the face of God in that thou wast well-pleased with me. 11 Take, I pray thee my blessing which hath been brought in to thee, because God hath shewed me favour and because I have everything. So he was urgent with him and he took it.
12 Then he said, Let us break up and go, and let me go on before thee.
13 And he said unto him, My lord, is taking note, that, the children are tender, - and the flocks and the herds are giving suck with me, - and, should I overdrive them a single day, then would all the flocks die. 14 Let my lord, I pray thee pass over before his servant, and let, me, lead on in my own easy way, at the pace of the cattle that are before me, and at the pace of the children, until that I come in unto my lord, towards Seir.
15 Then said Esau: Let me leave, I pray thee, along with thee, some of the people who are with me! And he said - Why so? let me find favour in the eyes of my lord!
16 So Esau returned, that day, to his journey towards Mount Seir. 17 But, Jacob, brake up towards Succoth, and built for himself a house, for his cattle, made he places of shelter, for which cause, the name of the place was called, Succoth.
18 And Jacob came in peace to the city of Shechem, which is in the land of Canaan, - when he came in from Padan-aram, - and he encamped before the city. 19 And he bought the portion of the field where he had spread out his tent, at the hand of the sons of Hamor, father of Shechem, - for a hundred kesitahs. 20 And he set up there an altar, - and called it, El-elohe-Israel.