Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

I have

Habakkuk 3:16
I heard and my belly will tremble; at the voice my lips quivered: rottenness will come into my bones, and I shall tremble under me that I shall rest at the day of straits: to come up to the people he will invade him.
Habakkuk 1:5
See ye among the nations, and look, and wonder; ye shall wonder: for the working a work in your days ye will not believe if it shall be recounted.
Exodus 9:20
He fearing the word of Jehovah from the servants of Pharaoh, caused his servants to flee, and his cattle to the houses.
2 Chronicles 34:27
Because thy heart was tender, and thou wilt be humbled from before God in thy hearing his words against this place and against its inhabitants, and thou wilt be humbled before me, and thou wilt rend thy garments and weep before me; I also heard, says Jehovah.
Job 4:12
And a word shall be brought to me by stealth, and mine ear will take a transient sound from it
Psalm 119:120
My flesh stood erect from thy fear, and I was afraid of thy judgments.
Isaiah 66:2
And all these my hand made, and all these shall be, says Jehovah: and to this will I look, to the humble. and smitten of spirit, and trembling at my word.
Jeremiah 36:21
And the king will send Jehudi to take the roll: and he took it from the chamber of Elishama the scribe. And Jehudi will read in the ears of the king and in the ears of all the chiefs standing from about the king.
Daniel 8:17
And he will come near my standing: and in his coming I was afraid, and I shall fall upon my face; and he will say to me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end, the vision.
Hebrews 11:7
By faith Noah, having an intimation of the divine will of things not yet seen, being circumspect, prepared an ark for the salvation of his house; by which he condemned the world, and by faith became an heir of justice.
Hebrews 12:21
And so dreadful was that being made to appear, Moses said, I am terrified and trembling:)
Revelation 15:4
Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou alone holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy justices were made manifest.


Isaiah 53:1
Who believed in our report? and to whom was the arm of Jehovah uncovered?
Romans 10:16
But not all listened to the good news. For Esaias says, Lord, who believed our report?

O lord

Ezra 9:8
And now for a little moment grace was from Jehovah our God to leave to us an escaping, and to give to us a nail in his holy place, for our God to enlighten our eyes and to give us a little preservation of our life in our servitude.
Psalm 85:6
Wilt thou not turn back? wilt thou give us life? and thy people shall rejoice in thee.
Psalm 90:13
Turn back, O Jehovah, how long? and have pity upon thy servants.
Psalm 138:7
If I shall go in the midst of straits, thou wilt make me alive: against the anger of mine enemies thou wilt stretch forth thy hand, and thy right hand shall save me.
Isaiah 51:9
Rouse up, rouse up, put on strength, thou arm of Jehovah; rouse up as the days of old, of everlasting generations. Was it not with him cutting off Rahab, wounding the sea monster?
Isaiah 63:15
Look from the heavens, and see from thy holy dwelling and thy glory: where thy zeal and thy strength? the multitude of thy bowels and thy compassions to me restrained themselves.
Isaiah 64:1
Would that thou didst rend the heavens; thou camest down; the mountains flowed from before thee.
Hosea 6:2
He will revive us after two days: in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live before him.
John 10:10
The thief comes not, except that he steal, and sacrifice, and destroy: I came that they might have life, and have above measure.
Philippians 1:6
Confident of this same, that he having begun a good work in you will complete till the day of Jesus Christ:

In the

Jeremiah 25:11
All this land was for a waste, for a desolation, and these nations served the king of Babel seventy years.
Jeremiah 52:31
And it will be in the thirty and seventh year to the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, in the twenty and fifth to the month, Evil Merodach, king of Babel, in the year of his reigning lifted up the head of Jehoiachin king of Judah and brought him forth from the house of the prison,
Daniel 9:2
In one year to the kingdom, I Daniel understood by books the number of years which the word of Jehovah was to Jeremiah the prophet, to fill up for the desolations of Jerusalem seventy years.

In wrath

Exodus 32:10
And thou be at rest to me, and my wrath shall kindle against them, and I will consume them: and I will make thee into a great nation.
Numbers 14:10
And all the assembly will say to stone them with stones. And the glory of Jehovah was seen in the tent of appointment to all the sons of Israel.
Numbers 16:46
And Moses will say to Aaron, Take a censer and give upon it fire from off the altar, and put incense, and go quickly to the assembly, and expiate for them: for anger went forth from before Jehovah; for it began smiting.
2 Samuel 24:10
And the heart of David will strike him after he thus reviewed the people. And David will say to Jehovah, I sinned greatly in what I did: and now, O Jehovah, now pass by the iniquity of thy servant, for I was very foolish.
Psalm 6:1
To the overseer upon the stringed instruments upon the octave, chanting of David. O Jehovah, not in thine anger wilt thou correct me, and not in thy wrath wilt thou chastise me.
Psalm 38:1
Chanting of David to bring to remembrance.
Psalm 78:38
And he being compassionate will cover iniquity, and he will not destroy: and he multiplied to turn back his anger, and he will not rouse up all his wrath.
Jeremiah 10:24
Correct me, O Jehovah, but in judgment, not in thy wrath, lest thou shalt make me small.
Jeremiah 29:10
For thus said Jehovah, That according to the filling up to Babel of seventy years I will review you and lift up to you my good word to turn you back to this place.
Lamentations 3:32
For if he afflicted, and he compassionated according to the multitude of his mercy.
Zechariah 1:12
And the messenger of Jehovah will answer and say, O Jehovah of armies, how long wilt thou not compassionate Jerusalem and the cities of Judah with whom thou wert very angry this seventy years?