1 As I healed to Israel, the iniquity of Ephraim was uncovered, and the evils of Shomeron: for they did falsehood, and the thief will come in, and the troop invaded without 2 And they will not say to their heart, I remembered all their evil: now their doings surrounded them; they were before my face.
3 By their evil they will gladden the king, and the chiefs by their falsehoods. 4 All of them committing adultery, as an oven set on fire from baking; he will cease from raising from kneading the dough till its leavening. 5 The day of our king the chiefs began anger from wine; stretching forth his hand with mockers. 6 For they drew near their heart as a furnace in their lying in wait: all the night their baker slept; in the morning it burnt as the fire of flame. 7 They were all hot as a furnace, and they consumed their judges; all their kings fell: none among them calling to me.
8 Ephraim will mingle himself among my people; Ephraim was a cake not turned. 9 Strangers consumed his strength, and he knew not: also grayness of hair was sprinkled upon him, and he knew not 10 And the pride of Israel was humbled in his face: and they turned not back to Jehovah their God. and sought him not in all this
11 And Ephraim will be as an enticed dove, not a heart: they called Egypt, they went to Assur. 12 When they shall go I will spread my net upon them; as birds of the heavens I will bring them down; I will correct them when hearing to their assembly.
13 Wo! to them, for they fled from me: destruction to them because they transgressed against me: and I will redeem them and they spake falsehoods against me. 14 And they cried not to me in their heart, for they shall wail upon their beds: for corn and new wine they will assemble themselves together; they will turn aside against me.. 15 And I corrected and strengthened their arms, and they will purpose evil against me. 16 They will turn back not to the Highest: they were as a bow of deceit: their chiefs shall fall by the sword from the wrath of their tongue: this their derision in the land of Egypt