Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices.

The city

Bible References


Isaiah 31:9
And his own Cliff, through terror, shall he pass by, And his princes shall be dismayed at an ensign, - Declareth Yahweh. Who hath a flame in Zion, And hath a furnace in Jerusalem.
Ezekiel 43:15
And the hearth, shall, be four cubits, - and from the hearth and upward, the horns shall be four.

The city

2 Samuel 5:9
So then David dwelt in the citadel, and called it, The City of David, - and David built round about, from Millo and inwards.


Isaiah 1:11
Of what use to me, is your multitude of sacrifices: Saith Yahweh: I am sated with ascending-offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts, - In the blood of bulls and young rams and he-goats, have I no pleasure.
Jeremiah 7:21
Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts God of Israel, - Your ascending-offerings, add ye unto your peace-offerings and eat ye flesh.
Hosea 5:6
With their flocks and with their herds, will they go to seek Yahweh, but shall not find him; he hath withdrawn himself from them.
Hosea 8:13
My sacrificial gifts, have they been sacrificing as common flesh, and have eaten, Yahweh, hath not accepted them, - Now, will he call to mind their iniquity, that he may punish their sin, they, to Egypt, will return.
Hosea 9:4
They shall not pour out to Yahweh - wine, neither shall they be pleasing to him, their sacrifices, are as the food of mourning to them, all that eat thereof, shall defile themselves, because, their food for their appetite, entereth not into the house of Yahweh.
Amos 4:4
Enter ye Bethel, and transgress, At Gilgal, cause transgression, to abound, - Yea, carry in, every morning, your sacrifices, every three days, your tithes;
Hebrews 10:1
For the law, having in a shadow of the destined good things, not the very image of the things, they can never, with the same sacrifices which year by year they offer evermore, make them who approach, perfect;


Isaiah 66:3
He that slaughtereth an ox, is as one who smiteth a man, He that sacrificeth a lamb, is as one who beheadeth a dog, he that causeth a meal-offering to ascend, offereth it with the blood of swine, He that maketh a memorial of frankincense, is as one who blesseth iniquity: They indeed, have chosen their own ways, And in their own abominations, their soul hath found delight;
Micah 6:6
Wherewith, shall I come before Yahweh? bow myself to God on high? Shall I come before him with ascending-sacrifice? with calves of a year old?