1 And seven women shall lay hold upon one man in that day, saying, We will eat our bread, and we will be clothed with our garments: only thy name shall be called upon us to take away our reproach.
2 In that day shall the springing up of Jehovah be for beauty and for glory, and the fruit of the earth for majesty and for ornament, for the escaping of Israel. 3 And it was he being left in Zion and he remaining in Jerusalem, he shall say to him holy, all being written for their life in Jerusalem. 4 When Jehovah washed out the excrements of the daughters of Zion, and he shall cleanse the blood of Jerusalem from her midst with the spirit of judgment, and with the spirit of burning. 5 And Jehovah created upon all the foundation of mount Zion and upon all her convocation, a cloud by day, and smoke, and the shining of afire of flame by night: and upon all the glory a covering. 6 And a booth shall be for a shadow by day from heat, and for a refuge, and for a hiding place from the storm, and from rain.