Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


In transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.

Bible References


Isaiah 32:6
For, a base man, with baseness, will speak, And, his heart, will practise iniquity, - Practising profanity, And speaking, against Yahweh that which misleadeth, Emptying the soul of the hungry, And the drink of the thirsty, he causeth to fail;
Isaiah 48:8
Nay! thou hadst not heard, Nay! thou hadst not known, Nay! in time past, thine ear, was not opened, - For I knew that thou, wouldst be treacherous, Yea a transgressor from birth, hast thou been called.
Isaiah 57:11
Whom then hadst thou been anxious about and feared that thou shouldest speak falsely, When me, thou rememberedst not, caredst not for me? Did not, I, keep silence even from age-past times, Although me, thou wouldest not fear?
Psalm 78:36
So they spake him fair with their mouth, And, with their tongue, did promise him falsely;
Jeremiah 3:10
yet, in spite of all this, her treacherous sister Judah returned not unto me, with all her heart, - but, falsely, Declareth Yahweh.
Jeremiah 42:20
For ye have deceived yourselves at the cost of your lives, for, ye yourselves, sent me unto Yahweh your God, saying, - Pray thou in our behalf, unto Yahweh our God, - and according to all that Yahweh our God shall say, so, tell us and we will do it.
Ezekiel 18:25
Can ye then say - The way of My Lord will not be equal? Hear I pray you O house of Israel, Will my way, not be equal? Will not your ways be unequal?
Hosea 6:7
But, they, like Adam, have transgressed a covenant, - There, have they dealt treacherously with me.
Hosea 7:13
Woe to them! for they have taken flight from me, destruction to them! for they have transgressed against me, - when, I, would have ransomed them, then, they, spake - concerning me - falsehoods.
Hosea 11:12
They have compassed me about - with denial, Ephraim, with deceit, the house of Israel, - but, Judah, hath, again and again, run riot with GOD, though, with the holy places, entrusted.
Acts 5:3
But Peter said - Ananias! wherefore did Satan fill thy heart, that thou shouldst deal falsely with the Holy Spirit, and keep back part of the price of the field?


Jeremiah 5:23
Yet, this people hath an obstinate and rebellious heart, - They have turned aside, and gone their way;
Jeremiah 9:2
Oh that I had in the wilderness, a wayfarers lodge, That I might leave my people, and go from them, - For they all, are Adulterers, An assemblage of traitors;
Matthew 12:34
Broods of vipers! How can ye speak, good things, being, evil? For, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.
Mark 7:21
For, from within, out of the heart of men, the base designs, come forth, - fornications, thefts,
Romans 3:10
Even as it is written - there is none righteous, not even one,
James 1:15
Then, the coveting, having conceived, giveth birth to sin, and, the sin, when full-grown, bringeth forth death.
James 3:6
And, the tongue, is a fire, - as , the world of unrighteousness, the tongue, becometh fixed among our members, that which defileth the whole body and setteth on fire the wheel of our natural life, and is set on fire, by gehenna!