1 Arise - shine, For thy light, hath come, - And, the glory of Yahweh, on thee, hath beamed; 2 For lo! darkness, covereth the earth, And, deep gloom the peoples, - But, on thee, beameth Yahweh, And, his glory, on thee is seen. 3 So shall nations come to thy light, And kings to the brightness of thy dawning. 4 Lift up - round about - thine eyes and see, They all, have gathered themselves together - have come to thee, - Thy sons, from afar shall come, And thy daughters, on the side, shall he carried. 5 Then, shalt thou see and be radiant, And thy heart, shall throb and be enlarged, - For there shall be turned upon thee the fulness of the sea, The riches of the nations, shall come unto thee; 6 The multitude of camels, shall cover thee The young camels of Midian and Ephah, All they of Sheba, shall come, - Gold and frankincense, shall they bring, And, the praises of Yahweh, shall they joyfully tell: 7 All the flocks of Kedar, shall be gathered unto thee, The rams of Nebaioth, shall wait upon thee, - They shall come up, with acceptance, on mine altar, And my beautiful house, will I adorn.
8 Who are these that, As a cloud, do fly? and, As doves to their cotes? 9 Surely for me, shall, Coastlands, wait, And the ships of Tarshish first, To bring in thy sons, from far, Their silver and their gold with them, - Unto the name of Yahweh, thy God, And unto the Holy One of Israel Because he hath adorned thee. 10 So shall the sons of the foreigner, build thy walls, And their kings, shall wait upon thee, - For in my vexation, I smote thee, But in my favour, have I had compassion upon thee. 11 So shall thy gates be open - continually, Neither day nor night, shall they be shut, - That they may bring unto thee the riches of the nations, And their kings, be led. 12 For, the nation and the kingdom that will not serve thee, shall perish, - Yea the nations, shall be utterly wasted. 13 The glory of Lebanon, unto thee, shall come, The fir-tree the holm-oak, and the sherbin-cedar, together, To adorn the place of my sanctuary, And the place of my feet, will I make glorious. 14 Then shall come unto thee bending low, The sons of them who had humbled thee, Then shall bow down, unto the soles of thy feet, All they who had despised thee; And they shall call thee - The city of Yahweh, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel. 15 Instead of thy being forsaken and hated so that none used to pass through thee, I will make of thee - An excellency age-abiding, The joy of generation after generation. 16 And thou shalt derive sweet nourishment from the nations, Yea on the bounty of kings, shalt thou be sustained, - So shalt thou know - That, I, Yahweh, am thy Saviour, and That, thy Redeemer, is the Mighty One of Jacob.
17 Instead of bronze, I will bring in, gold, and Instead of iron, I will bring in silver, and Instead of wood, bronze, and Instead of stones, iron, - And I will appoint the oversight of thee to Prosperity, And the setting of thy tasks to Righteousness. 18 Violence, shall no more be heard, in thy land, Wasting nor destruction within thy boundaries, - But thou shalt call Thy walls, Victory, and Thy gates, Praise. 19 Thou shalt no more have the sun, for light by day, neither for brightness, shall the moon, give light unto thee, - But Yahweh shall become thine age-abiding light, And thy God thine adorning: 20 No more shall go in, thy sun, Nor thy moon, withdraw itself, - For, Yahweh, will become to thee an age-abiding light, So shall be ended the days of thy mourning. 21 And, thy people, shall all of them, be righteous, To times age-abiding, shall they possess, the land, - The sprout of mine own planting, The work of mine own hands, - That I may get myself glory. 22 The little one, shall become a thousand, and the small one, a mighty nation: I - Yahweh, in its own season, will hasten it.