Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Is it good unto thee that thou shouldest oppress, that thou shouldest despise the work of thine hands, and shine upon the counsel of the wicked?


Shine upon

Bible References

Is it good

Job 34:5
For Job hath said - I am righteous, But, GOD, hath turned away my right;
Job 36:7
He will not withdraw - from a righteous one - his eyes, - but, with kings on the throne, He hath seated men triumphantly, and they have been exalted.
Job 40:2
Shall a reprover contend, with the Almighty? He that disputeth with GOD, let him answer it!
Lamentations 3:2
Me, hath he driven out and brought into darkness, and not light;


Psalm 69:33
For, a Hearkener to the needy, is Yahweh, And, his prisoners, hath he not despised.

The work

Job 14:15
Thou shouldst call, and, I, would answer thee, - For the work of thine own hand, thou shouldst long.
Job 34:19
For he hath shewn no respect of persons unto princes, neither hath he recognised the rich rather than the poor? For, the work of his hands, are they all.
Psalm 138:8
Yahweh, will carry through my cause, - O Yahweh! thy lovingkindness, is age-abiding, The works of thine own hands, do not thou desert.
Isaiah 64:8
But, now, O Yahweh, our father, thou art, - We are the clay, and, thou, art our potter, Yea the work of thy hand, are we all:
1 Peter 4:19
So then, let, them who are even suffering, according to the will of God, unto a faithful Creator, be committing their souls, in well-doing.

Shine upon

Job 8:20
Lo! GOD, will not reject a blameless man, neither will he grasp the hand of evil-doers:
Jeremiah 12:1
Righteous, art thou O Yahweh, when I present my pleading unto thee, - Yet, concerning the things that are right, let me speak with thee, - Wherefore hath, the way of the lawless, prospered? Wherefore have all, utter traitors, been at ease?