Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I was at ease, but he hath broken me asunder: he hath also taken me by my neck, and shaken me to pieces, and set me up for his mark.

By my neck

Bible References

At ease

Job 1:2
Seven sons and three daughters were born to him.
Job 3:26
“I am not at ease, nor am I quiet,
And I am not at rest, but turmoil comes.”
Job 29:3
When His lamp shone over my head,
And by His light I walked through darkness;

Broken me

Job 4:10
“The roaring of the lion and the voice of the fierce lion,
And the teeth of the young lions are broken.
Psalm 44:19
Yet You have crushed us in a place of jackals
And covered us with the shadow of death.
Lamentations 3:4
He has caused my flesh and my skin to waste away,
He has broken my bones.
Matthew 21:44
And he who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.”

By my neck

Job 15:26
“He rushes headlong at Him
With his massive shield.
Romans 16:4
who for my life risked their own necks, to whom not only do I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles;


Lamentations 3:11
He has turned aside my ways and torn me to pieces;
He has made me desolate.
Ezekiel 29:7
“When they took hold of you with the hand,
You broke and tore all their hands;
And when they leaned on you,
You broke and made all their loins quake.”

Set me up

Job 7:12
“Am I the sea, or the sea monster,
That You set a guard over me?
Lamentations 3:12
He bent His bow
And set me as a target for the arrow.