Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I have sewed sackcloth upon my skin, and defiled my horn in the dust.

Bible References


1 Kings 21:27
It came about when Ahab heard these words, that he tore his clothes and put on sackcloth and fasted, and he lay in sackcloth and went about despondently.
Isaiah 22:12
Therefore in that day the Lord God of hosts called you to weeping, to wailing,
To shaving the head and to wearing sackcloth.

Defiled my horn

Job 30:19
“He has cast me into the mire,
And I have become like dust and ashes.
1 Samuel 2:10
Those who contend with the Lord will be shattered;
Against them He will thunder in the heavens,
The Lord will judge the ends of the earth;
And He will give strength to His king,
And will exalt the horn of His anointed.”
Psalm 7:5
Let the enemy pursue my soul and overtake it;
And let him trample my life down to the ground
And lay my glory in the dust. Selah.
Psalm 75:5
Do not lift up your horn on high,
Do not speak with insolent pride.’”