1 And the Naainathite will answer and say, 2 For this my thoughts will turn back, and because of my haste in me. 3 I shall hear the instruction of my shame, and the spirit of my understanding will cause me to answer.
4 Thou knewest this from everlasting when man was set upon the earth: 5 For the rejoicing of the unjust drawing near, and the gladness of the profane even for a moment 6 If his elevation shall go up to the heavens, and his head shall reach to the cloud; 7 As his dung he shall perish forever: they seeing him shall say, Where is he? 8 As a dream he shall fly away, and they shall not find him: and he shall flee away as the vision of the night 9 The eye scanned him and shall not add; and his place shall no more look after him. 10 The weak shall break his sons, and his hands shall turn back his wealth. 11 His bones were full of his youth, and shall lie down with him in the dust.
12 If evil shall be sweet in his mouth he will cover it under his tongue; 13 He will spare over it, and forsake it not, and keep it back in the midst of his palate: 14 His bread in his bowels was turned, the gall of asps in his midst 15 He swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit it up, and God shall drive it out of his belly. 16 He shall suck the poison of asps: the viper's tongue shall kill him. 17 He shall not look upon the streams, the rivers, the torrents of honey and curdled milk 18 Turning back the labor, and he shall not swallow down: according to the substance of his exchange and he shall not exult 19 For he oppressed, forsaking the poor; he stripped the house and he will not build it up.
20 For he knew not tranquillity in his belly, in his desire he shall not escape. 21 Nothing was left to his food; for this his good shall not be stable. 22 In the fulness of his abundance it shall be pressed to him: every laboring hand shall come to him. 23 He will be for filling his belly, he will send upon him the burning of his anger, and will rain upon him in his eating. 24 He shall flee from the weapon of iron, the bow of brass shall pierce him. 25 Being drawn it will come forth from the body; and the lightning will go from his bile, and terrors upon him. 26 All darkness hid for his secret places: a fire not blown upon shall devour him; and the remaining one shall do evil upon his tent. 27 The heavens shall uncover his iniquity, and the earth an adversary against him. 28 The increase of his house shall be rolled off; they were poured out in the day of his anger. 29 This the portion of an unjust man and the lot of his command from God.