1 And Job will answer and say, 2 How didst thou help to him of no strength? didst thou save the arm of no strength? 3 How didst thou counsel to him of no wisdom? and didst thou make known help for abundance? 4 And with whom didst thou announce words? and whose breath came forth from thee?
5 The shades shall tremble from under the waters, and their inhabitants. 6 Hades is naked before him, and no covering to destruction. 7 He stretched out the north upon emptiness, he hung up the earth upon nothing. 8 He bound up the waters in his clouds, and the cloud was not rent under them. 9 Holding fast the face of the throne, he spread his cloud upon it 10 He marked out with a compass the law upon the face of the waters, even till the end of light with darkness.. 11 The pillars of the heavens shall be shaken, and be astonished from his reproof. 12 By his power he caused the sea to tremble; by his understanding he smote through pride. 13 By his spirit he polished the heavens; his hand pierced the flat serpent 14 Behold these the ends of his ways; how transient a sound of the word was heard in him! and the thunder of his might who shall understand?