Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Oh that one would hear me! behold, my desire is, that the Almighty would answer me, and that mine adversary had written a book.

My desire is, that the almighty would answer me

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Bible References


Job 13:3
But indeed, I, unto the Almighty, would speak, and, to direct my argument unto GOD, would I be well pleased.
Job 17:3
Appoint it, I pray thee - be thou surety for me with thyself, Who is there that, on my side, can pledge himself?
Job 23:3
Oh that I knew where I might find him! I would come even unto his dwelling-place;
Job 33:6
Lo! I am like thyself toward GOD, From clay, have I been nipped off, even I!
Job 38:1
Then Yahweh responded to Job, out of a storm, and said: -
Job 40:4
Lo! I am of no account, what shall I reply to thee? My hand, have I laid on my mouth:

My desire is, that the almighty would answer me

Job 13:21
Thy hand - from off me, take thou far away, and, thy terror, let it not startle me!
Psalm 26:1
Do me justice, O Yahweh, For, I, in my blamelessness, have walked, and, in Yahweh, have I trusted, I will not waver.


Job 13:24
Wherefore, thy face, shouldst thou hide? Or count me, as an enemy to thee?
Job 19:11
Yea he hath kindled against me his anger, and accounted me towards him like unto his adversaries;
Job 33:10
Lo! occasions of hostility, would he find against me, He counteth me an enemy to him;
Matthew 5:25
Be making agreement with thine adversary, quickly, while thou art with him, in the way, - lest once thine adversary deliver thee up unto the judge, and the judge, unto the officer, and, into prison, thou be cast.

General references

Job 11:5
But, in very deed, oh that GOD would speak, that he would open his lips with thee: