1 Yea, at this, my heart quaketh, and starteth up out of its place. 2 Hear! oh hear! the raging of his voice, A growling sound also, out of his mouth, goeth forth; 3 Under the whole heavens, he letteth it loose, His lightning also, unto the wings of the earth;
4 After it, roareth a voice, He thundereth with his voice of majesty, Nor will he hold them back, when his voice is heard. 5 GOD thundereth with his voice, wonderfully, Doing great things, which we cannot know; 6 For, to the snow, he saith, Fall earthwards, - Also to the downpour of rain, yea the downpour of his mighty rains. 7 On the hand of every man, he setteth a seal, that all men may take note of his doing. 8 So then the wild-beast hath gone into covert, and, in its lairs, doth it remain. 9 Out of a chamber cometh a storm-wind, and, out of the north, cold. 10 By the breath of GOD, is given - frost, and, the breadth of waters, is congealed; 11 Also, with moisture, burdeneth he the thick cloud, He disperseth his lightning-cloud; 12 Yea, the same, in circles, turneth itself to and fro, by his steering them to their work, whithersoever he commandeth them, over the face of the world, towards the earth. 13 Whether, as a rod, or for his earth, or in lovingkindness, he causeth it to come.
14 Give thou ear unto this, O Job, Stay, and consider well the wonders of GOD: - 15 Canst thou got to know of GOD'S giving charge over them, or of the causing of the lightning of his cloud to shine forth? 16 Canst thou get to know concerning the poisings of the thick cloud, the wonders of one who is perfect in knowledge? 17 That thy garments should be hot when he quieteth the earth from the south? 18 Didst thou spread out, with him, the skies, strong as a molten mirror? 19 Let us know what we shall say to him, We cannot set in order, by reason of darkness. 20 Shall it be declared to him - that I would speak? Were any man to say aught, he might he destroyed? 21 Yet, now, men see not the light, bright though it is in the skies, when, a wind, hath passed over, and cleansed them. 22 Out of the north, a golden light cometh, Upon GOD, is fearful splendour: 23 The Almighty, whom we have not fully found out, is great in vigour, - Neither, justice nor abounding righteousness, will he weaken. 24 Therefore, do men revere him, He will not regard any who are wise in heart.