1 "Now I'll conclude with this: my heart is trembling violently; it feels like it's about to leap from my body! 2 Listen carefully to his thundering voice; to the sound that rumbles from his mouth. 3 He releases his lightning throughout the sky, to the ends of the earth.
4 His thunder roars after it; his majestic voice will thunder; and no one can trace them once his voice has been heard. 5 "God thunders with his wondrous voice; he does awesome works that we don't comprehend. 6 For he says to the snow, "Fall to the earth.' He tells the rain, "Pour down,' then it rains profusely. 7 "He puts a limit to the skill of every person; to delineate all people from what they do. 8 "Then a beast enters its lair and remains in its den. 9 "From the south, a whirlwind proceeds, out of the icy north winds. 10 From the breath of God ice is produced, and a wide body of water is frozen. 11 He also loads the clouds with moisture, scattering his lightning with the clouds. 12 It whirls about in circles at his direction to accomplish all that he commands throughout the surface of the entire world, 13 whether for discipline on his land or to demonstrate his gracious love, he causes it to be realized."
14 "Pay attention to this, Job! Stand still, and consider the wondrous attributes of God. 15 Do you know how God ordains them, and makes his lightning to flash throughout his clouds? 16 Do you understand his wondrous work of balancing the clouds, the one whose knowledge is perfect, 17 you whose garments are hot, even though the land is cooled by a south wind? 18 Can you spread out the skies like he does; can you cast them as one might a mirror? 19 Tell us! What are we to say to him? Can we prepare our case to face him when our faces are in darkness? 20 Has it been relayed to God that I want to talk? Can a person speak when he is confused?" 21 "So then, the sun is too bright to gaze at, is it not? The sky is swept clean by the wind that blows, is it not? 22 From the north he brings gold; around God is awesome splendor. 23 We cannot find the Almighty he is majestic in power and justice, and overflowing with righteousness; he never oppresses. 24 Therefore humanity fears him, which none of the wise can quite comprehend."

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