1 And Eliphaz the Temanite will answer and say, 2 Trying the word to thee shalt thou be weary? who shall be able to with hold in speaking? 3 Behold, thou didst instruct many, and thou wilt strengthen the weak hands. 4 Thy words will raise up the weak and thou wilt strengthen the bent knees. 5 But now it shall come to thee and thou wilt be wearied; it will touch even to thee, and thou wilt tremble. 6 Is not thy fear, thy confidence, thy hope, and the integrity of thy ways? 7 Remember now, who perished, he being innocent? and where were the upright cut off? 8 According to what I saw, they ploughing iniquity and sowing labor shall reap it 9 By the breath of God they shall perish, and from the spirit of his anger they shall be finished. 10 The roaring of the lion, and the voice of the lion, and the teeth of the young lions were broken. 11 The lion perished from failure of prey, and the sons of the lioness shall be scattered.
12 And a word shall be brought to me by stealth, and mine ear will take a transient sound from it 13 In thoughts, from visions of the night, in the falling of deep sleep upon men, 14 Fear met me, and trembling, and caused the multitude of my bones to tremble. 15 And the spirit will glide before my face; the hair of my flesh will stand erect: 16 It will stand, and I shall not recognize its appearance: a form before mine eyes; I shall hear stillness and a voice: 17 Shall a man be just above God? If a man shall be pure above him making him? 18 Behold, in his servants he will not trust, and upon his messengers he will set folly: 19 Also those dwelling in houses of clay which their foundation in the dust, being crushed before the moth. 20 From morning to evening they will be struck; from not setting to superintend they will perish. 21 Did not their remainder in them remove? They will die, and not in wisdom.