1 And Job will answer and say, 2 I knew that so the truth: and how shall man be just with God? 3 If he shall desire to contend with him, he shall not answer him one from a thousand. 4 Wise of heart and strong of power: who was hard before him and shall be requited? 5 Removing the mountains and they knew not: who overturned them in his anger; 6 Moving the earth from her place, and her pillars will tremble; 7 Saying to the sun, and it shall not rise; and for the stars he will seal them up 8 He alone spread out the heavens and he trod upon the heights of the sea. 9 He made Ash-Chesil and Cimah, and the chambers of the south; 10 He did great things even not searched out; and wonders even no number. 11 Behold, he will pass by me, and I shall not see: and he will glide on and I shall not understand for him. 12 Behold, he will catch and who shall turn him? and who shall say to him, What wilt thou do? 13 God will not turn back his anger, the helpers of pride bowed down under him.
14 How much less shall I answer him, shall I choose my words with him? 15 Whom, if I was just, I shall not answer; I will make supplication to my judge. 16 If I called and he will answer me, I shall not believe that he will give ear to my voice. 17 Who will assail me with tempest, and he multiplied my wounds without cause. 18 He will not give me to draw in my spirit, for he will fill me with bitterness. 19 If for strength, behold him strong: if for judgment, who shall arraign me 20 If I shall be just, my mouth shall condemn me: I am blameless, and he will declare me perverse.
21 I am blameless, I shall not know my soul: I shall despise my life. 22 It is one: for this, I said, The blameless one and the unjust one he finishes. 23 If the scourge shall fall suddenly, he will deride at the trial of the innocent 24 The earth was given into the hand of the unjust one: he will cover the faces of her judges; if not now, who is it?
25 My days were swift above a runner: they fled, they saw not good. 26 They glided along with the ships of desire: as the eagle will pounce upon food. 27 If my saying, I will forget my complaint, I will let go my face, and I will be cheerful: 28 I was afraid of all my pains, I knew that thou wilt not acquit me. 29 Shall I do evil, wherefore this shall I labor in vain? 30 If I washed myself in snow-water, and cleansed my hands clean; 31 Then thou wilt immerse me in the ditch, and my garments abhorred me.
32 For not a man as I; I shall answer him, we shall come together in judgment 33 There is not between us a reprover; he will put his hand upon us two. 34 He will take away his rod from me, and his truth shall not make me afraid. 35 I will speak, and I shall not fear him; but not so am I with myself.