Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Bible References


John 1:4
Life existed in Him; and that Life [was what] enlightened mankind [spiritually].
John 8:12
So, Jesus spoke to them again [i.e., to the Jewish authorities. See 7:45], saying, "I am the light of the world. The person who becomes my follower will never live in [spiritual] darkness, but have the light of [i.e., for his] life [i.e., followers of Jesus will not live in error and sin but in truth and righteousness]."
John 9:39
And Jesus said, "I came to this world to judge [it], so that people who can not see [spiritually] will [be able to] see; and those who [think they can] see [spiritually] will become blind."
John 15:22
They would not be guilty of sinning if I had not come and spoken to them. But now [that I have], they have no excuse for their sin.
Matthew 11:20
Then Jesus began to rebuke the people of the towns where most of His powerful miracles were performed because they did not repent [when they saw Him perform them].
Luke 10:11
We are wiping off even the dust of your city that has stuck to our feet [in protest] against you. Yet you should know this, that the kingdom of God has come near [to you].'
Luke 12:47
And that slave who knew what his master wanted, but did not make preparations [i.e., for his master's return], or do what his master wanted, will be whipped with many lashes.
Romans 1:32
These people know that God's decrees require that those who practice such things deserve to die [i.e., either spiritual or temporal punishment], yet they not only do the same things [themselves], but even approve of other people who practice them.
2 Corinthians 2:15
For we [i.e., through our preaching] are like a fragrant incense which goes up to God, [and spreads the knowledge] of Christ among both saved and lost people.
2 Thessalonians 2:12
in order that all those who have not believed the truth, but have taken pleasure in wrongdoing, would be condemned.
Hebrews 3:12
Pay attention, brothers, so that there will not be in any one of you an evil heart of unbelief, [resulting] in falling away from the living God.

General references

Matthew 13:13
Therefore, I am speaking to them with parables because [although] they can see, they [really] do not perceive, and [although] they can hear, they [really] do not comprehend, and so they [utterly] fail to understand [what I am trying to get across].
Luke 10:14
But Tyre and Sidon will be shown more leniency in the judgment [day] than you will.
Luke 14:24
For I tell you, not one of those who were invited will [even] taste my supper."
John 1:5
And [His] light continued to shine, [even] in the darkness [of the world], and that darkness did not overcome Him [or, did not fully understand Him].
John 8:45
But because I tell [you] the truth, you do not believe me.
John 16:9
[The world will be proven guilty] of sin for not believing in me.