1 And Yahweh said unto Moses, Say unto the priests, the sons of Aaron, - yea thou shalt say unto them, For a dead person, shall no one make himself unclean among his people: 2 Saving for his kin, that are near unto him, for his mother or for his father, or for his son or for his daughter, or for his brother; 3 or for his sister, a virgin who is near unto him, who belongeth not unto a husband, - for her, he may make himself unclean: 4 He shall not make himself unclean being a chief among his people, - by profaning himself:
5 They shall not make a baldness behind in their head, And the border of their beard, shall they not cut off, - And, in their flesh, shall they not make incisions. 6 Holy persons, shall they be unto their God, and not profane the name of their God, - for, the altar-flames of Yahweh, the food of their God, do they bring near - Therefore shall they be holy. 7 A woman that is unchaste or dishonoured, shall they not take, And a woman divorced from her husband, shall they not take, - For holy, he is unto his God. 8 Therefore shalt thou hold him as holy, for the food of thy God, doth he bring near, - Holy, shall he be to thee, For, holy, am I - Yahweh, who am making you holy. 9 And, the daughter of any priest, when she profaneth herself by unchastity, Her father, she, doth profane, with fire, shall she be consumed.
10 And, as for the high priest from among his brethren upon whose head is poured the anointing oil, and who is installed, by putting on the garments, His head, shall he not bare, And, his garments, shall he not rend; 11 And, unto no persons b of the dead, shall he go in, - For his father or for his mother, shall he not make himself unclean; 12 And, out of the sanctuary, shall he not go forth, so shall he not profane the sanctuary of his God, - for the consecration of the anointing oil of his God is upon him - I, am Yahweh.
13 But, he, shall take a woman in her virginity: 14 A widow or a divorced woman or one dishonoured - an unchaste woman, these, shall he not take, But, a virgin from among his own kinsfolk, shall he take to wife; 15 So shall he not profane his seed, among his kinsfolk, - For I - Yahweh, do hallow him. 17 Speak unto Aaron, saying, - No man of thy seed, unto their generations in whom shall be any blemish, shall come near, to present the food of his God. 18 Surely, no man in whom is any blemish, shall come near, - No man who is blind or lame, or hath a flat nose, or is lanky; 19 nor any man who hath a broken foot, - or a broken hand; 20 or is hump-backed or a dwarf, or hath defective vision, - or hath scurvy or scab, or is crushed in the stones: 21 No, man in whom is a blemish of the seed of Aaron the priest, shall approach, to bring near the altar-flames of Yahweh, - a blemish, is in him, the food of his God, shall he not approach to bring near: 22 Of the food of his God, both of the most holy, - and the holy, may he eat: 23 Only, unto the veil, shall he not come in and unto the altar, shall he not approach - because, a blemish, is in him, so shall he not profane my sanctuaries, For, I - Yahweh, am hallowing them. 24 And Moses spake these things unto Aaron, and unto his sons, - and unto all the sons of Israel.