Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But if we shall say, Of men; they feared the people: for all men counted John, that he was a prophet indeed.

Bible References


Mark 6:20
It was because Herod was afraid of John, knowing he was a righteous and holy man, so he protected him. And Herod became very disturbed whenever he listened to John, yet he heard him gladly.
Mark 12:12
And they [i.e., the leading priests and experts in the Law of Moses] attempted to arrest Jesus, but [hesitated because] they feared what the crowd might do, for they understood that He was speaking the parable against them. So, they left Him and went away.
Matthew 14:5
Now Herod wanted to have him put to death, [but hesitated], fearing the crowd, because they considered John to be a prophet.
Matthew 21:46
When they attempted to arrest Him, [they hesitated because] they feared [what] the crowds [might do], since they considered Jesus a prophet.
Luke 20:19
Then the experts in the law of Moses and the leading priests attempted to arrest Jesus right away, [but hesitated] because they feared [what] the people [might do], since they perceived that He had spoken this parable against them.
Luke 22:2
And the leading priests and experts in the law of Moses were looking for a way to kill Jesus because they were afraid of the people [i.e., that people would riot if it were done during the Festival. See Matt. 26:5].
Acts 5:26
[Immediately] the captain, with his officers, went [to the Temple] and brought the apostles back again, but did not use any violence because they feared that the people might stone them.


Matthew 3:5
[People from] Jerusalem and all over Judea and the region around the Jordan River all went out [to the desert] to [hear] him,
Matthew 21:31
Which of these two sons did what his father wanted?" They answered, "The first one." Jesus said to them, "Truly I tell you, tax collectors and prostitutes [will] enter the kingdom of God ahead of you.
Luke 7:26
But what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, I will say [he is], and much more than a prophet.
Luke 20:6
But if we say 'from men,' all the people will stone us, for they are convinced that John was a prophet."
John 10:41
Many people came to Him and were saying, "It is true that John did not perform any [miraculous] signs, but everything he said about this man was true."