Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

General references

Bible References


Matthew 28:11
Now while they were on their way, some of the guard came into the city and reported to the chief priests all that had happened.
Matthew 27:65
Pilate said to them, “You have a guard; go, make it as secure as you know how.”


Job 4:14
Dread came upon me, and trembling,
And made all my bones shake.
Psalm 48:6
Panic seized them there,
Anguish, as of a woman in childbirth.
Daniel 10:7
Now I, Daniel, alone saw the vision, while the men who were with me did not see the vision; nevertheless, a great dread fell on them, and they ran away to hide themselves.
Acts 9:3
As he was traveling, it happened that he was approaching Damascus, and suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him;
Acts 16:29
And he called for lights and rushed in, and trembling with fear he fell down before Paul and Silas,
Revelation 1:17
When I saw Him, I fell at His feet like a dead man. And He placed His right hand on me, saying, Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last,

General references

Job 37:1
“At this also my heart trembles,
And leaps from its place.