1 Balances of deceit, an abomination of Jehovah: and a whole stone his delight
2 Pride coming, and dishonor will come: and wisdom with the humble.
3 The integrity of the upright shall guide them: and the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.
4 Wealth will not profit in the day of wrath, and justice will deliver from death.
5 The justice of the blameless shall make straight his way, and in his injustice the unjust shall fall.
6 The justice of the upright shall deliver them, and transgressors shall be taken in their mischief.
7 In the death of an unjust man expectation shall perish: and the hope of the vain shall perish.
8 The just one was delivered from straits, and the unjust will come in his stead.
9 With the mouth the profane will destroy his neighbor: and by knowledge, shall the just one be delivered.
10 In the good of the just the city will exult: and in the perishing of the unjust it rejoiced.
11 By the blessing of the upright the city shall be exalted: and by the mouth of the unjust it shall be overthrown.
12 He wanting heart despised for his neighbor: and a man of understanding will be silent.
13 He going about tale-bearing reveals a secret: and he being faithful of spirit hides the word.
14 In no guidance the people will fall: and salvation in a multitude of counseling.
15 The evil one shall become evil, for he became surety for a stranger: and he hating those striking hands being secure.
16 A woman of grace will obtain honor, and the powerful will obtain riches.
17 The man of mercy benefited his soul: and the cruel troubled his flesh.
18 The unjust one did a work of falsehood: and the seed of justice the reward of truth.
19 So justice to life, and he pursuing evil, to his death.
20 The perverse of heart are an abomination of Jehovah, and the blameless of way his delight
21 Hand to hand, the evil one shall not be unpunished: and the seed of the just were delivered.
22 A ring of gold in the nose of a swine, a fair woman and she departed from discernment
23 The desire of the just is only good: the expectation of the unjust, wrath.
24 There is scattering and yet adding; and the withholding more than right, only to want
25 The soul of blessing shall be made fat: also he watering, shall himself drink to the full.
26 He withholding grain, the people shall curse him: and blessing upon the head of him selling.
27 He seeking good shall strive after acceptance: and he seeking evil, it shall come to him.
28 He trusting in his riches himself shall fall: and the just shall flourish as the foliage.
29 He troubling his house shall inherit wind: and the foolish is servant to the wise of heart
30 The fruit of the just a tree of life; and he taking souls is wise.
31 Behold, the just shall be requited in the earth: much more the unjust one and the sinning.