Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.

Bible References


Proverbs 6:12
A worthless person, a wicked man,
Is the one who walks with a perverse mouth,
Proverbs 10:10
He who winks the eye causes trouble,
And a babbling fool will be ruined.
Isaiah 6:10
Render the hearts of this people insensitive,
Their ears dull,
And their eyes dim,
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
Hear with their ears,
Understand with their hearts,
And return and be healed.”
Matthew 13:15
For the heart of this people has become dull,
With their ears they scarcely hear,
And they have closed their eyes,
Otherwise they would see with their eyes,
Hear with their ears,
And understand with their heart and return,
And I would heal them.’
John 3:20
For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.


Proverbs 16:27
A worthless man digs up evil,
While his words are like scorching fire.
Micah 7:3
Concerning evil, both hands do it well.
The prince asks, also the judge, for a bribe,
And a great man speaks the desire of his soul;
So they weave it together.
Matthew 14:7
so much that he promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked.
Matthew 27:23
And he said, “Why, what evil has He done?” But they kept shouting all the more, saying, “Crucify Him!”