1 Better is a dry morsel with quietness, than a full house and many fat cattle with strife.
2 A discreet servant shall have more rule than the sons that have no wisdom, and shall have like heritage with the brethren.
3 Like as silver is tried in the fire and gold in the furnace, even so doth the LORD prove the hearts.
4 A wicked body giveth audience to false lips; and a dissembling person giveth ear to a deceitful tongue.
5 Whoso laugheth the poor to scorn, blasphemeth his maker; and he that is glad of another man's hurt, shall not be unpunished.
6 Children's children are a crown of the aged, and the fathers are the honour of the children.
7 An eloquent speech becometh not a fool; much less a lying mouth, then, becometh a prince.
8 Liberality is a precious stone unto him that hath it; for wheresoever he becometh, he prospereth.
9 Whoso covereth another man's offense, seeketh love; but he that discloseth the fault, setteth friends at variance.
10 One reproof only doth more good to him that hath understanding, than a hundred stripes unto a fool.
11 A sedicious person seeketh mischief; but a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.
12 It were better to come against a she Bear robbed of her whelps, than against a fool in his foolishness.
13 Whoso rewardeth evil for good, the plague shall not depart from his house.
14 He that soweth discord and strife, is like one that diggeth up a water brook; but an open enemy is like the water that breaketh out and runneth abroad.
15 The LORD hateth as well him that justifieth the ungodly, as him that condemneth the innocent.
16 What helpeth it to give a fool money in his hand, whereas he hath no mind to buy wisdom?
17 He is a friend that always loveth, and in adversity a man shall know who is his brother.
18 Whoso promiseth by the hand, and is surety for another; he is a fool.
19 He that loveth strife, delighteth in sin; and whoso setteth his door too high, seeketh after a fall.
20 Whoso hath a froward heart, obtaineth no good; and he that hath an overthwart tongue, shall fall into mischief.
21 An unwise body bringeth himself in to sorrow; and the father of a fool can have no joy.
22 A merry heart maketh a lusty age; but a sorrowful mind drieth up the bones.
23 The ungodly taketh gifts out of the bosom, to wrest the ways of judgment.
24 Wisdom shineth in the face of him that hath understanding; but the eyes of fools wander throughout all lands.
25 An indiscreet son is a grief unto his father; and a heaviness unto his mother that bare him.
26 To punish the innocent, and to smite the princes that give true judgment, are both evil.
27 He is wise and discreet that tempereth his words; and he is a man of understanding, that maketh much of his spirit.
28 Yea, a very fool, when he holdeth his tongue, is counted wise; and to have understanding, when he shutteth his lips.