Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Psalm 32:1
To David, wisdom. Happy the taking away of transgression, the covering of sin.
Psalm 51:1
To the overseer: chanting to David; In the coming to him of Nathan the prophet, when he went in to Bathsheba. Compassionate me, O God, according to thy mercy: according to the Multitude of thy compassions wipe away my transgressions.
Psalm 130:8
And he will redeem Israel from all his iniquities.
2 Samuel 12:13
And David will say to Nathan, I sinned against Jehovah. And Nathan will say to David, Jehovah also passed over thy sin; thou shalt not die.
Isaiah 43:25
I, I am he wiping away thy transgressions for my sake, and I will not remember thy sins.
Matthew 9:2
And, behold, they brought him a paralytic, laid upon a bed; and Jesus seeing their faith, said to the paralytic, Take courage, child thy sins are let go to thee.
Mark 2:5
And Jesus having seen their faith, says to the paralytic, Child, thy sins have been remitted to thee.
Luke 7:47
For which I say to thee, Her many sins are remitted; for she loved much: and he to whom little is remitted, loves little.
Ephesians 1:7
In whom we have redemption by his blood, the letting go of faults, according to the riches of his grace;


Psalm 30:2
O Jehovah my God, I cried to thee, and thou wilt heal me.
Psalm 38:1
Chanting of David to bring to remembrance.
Psalm 41:3
Jehovah will support him upon a bed of sickness: thou turnedst all his bed in his sickness.
Psalm 107:17
Being turned away from the way of their transgression, they will be humbled from their iniquities.
Psalm 147:3
Healing to the broken of heart, and binding up their pains.
Exodus 15:26
And he will say, If hearkening thou wilt hear to the voice of Jehovah thy God, and thou wilt do the right in his eyes, and give ear to his commands, and watch all his laws, every disease which I put upon Egypt I will not put upon thee: for I am Jehovah healing thee.
Numbers 12:13
And Moses will cry to Jehovah, saying, God heal her now.
Numbers 21:7
And the people will come to Moses, and they will say, We sinned, for we spake against Jehovah and against thee; wilt thou pray to Jehovah and he will remove the serpent from us? And Moses will pray for the people.
Isaiah 33:24
And the inhabitant shall not say, I was sick: to the people dwelling in it, iniquity was lifted up.
Isaiah 53:5
And he being wounded for our transgressions, and crushed from our iniquities; the correction of our peace upon him, and in the marks of his stripes it was healed to us.
Jeremiah 17:14
Heal me, O Jehovah, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou my praise.
James 5:15
And the prayer of faith shall save him being sick, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he should have wrought sins, it shall be remitted to him.

General references

Luke 17:15
And one of them, having seen that he was healed, turned back, with a great voice honouring God.