1 My voice cries out to the LORD; my voice pleads for mercy to the LORD. 2 I pour out my complaint to him, telling him all of my troubles. 3 Though my spirit grows faint within me, you are aware of my path. Wherever I go, they have hidden a trap for me. 4 I look to my right and observe no one is concerned about me. There is nowhere I can go for refuge, and no one cares for me.
5 So I cry to you, Lord, declaring, "You are my refuge, my only possession while I am on this earth." 6 Pay attention to my cry, for I have been brought very low. Deliver me from my tormentors, for they are far too strong for me. 7 Break me out of this prison, so I can give thanks to your name. The righteous will surround me, for you will deal generously with me. A Davidic Song

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