1 The heavens, are telling the glory of GOD, And, the work of his hands, the expanse is declaring; 2 Day, unto day, doth pour forth speech, and, night, unto night, doth breathe out knowledge. 3 There is no speech, and there are no words, - Unheard is their voice! 4 Yet through all the earth, hath gone forth their voice, - and, to the end of the world, their sayings, - For the sun, hath he set up a tent therein; 5 And, he, is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, he rejoiceth as a hero to run a race: 6 From one end of the heavens, is his going forth, and, his circuit, to the other end thereof - and, nothing, is hid from his glowing heat.
7 The, law of Yahweh, is complete, Bringing back the soul, The, testimony of Yahweh, is confirmed, Making wise the simple; 8 The precepts of Yahweh, are right, Rejoicing the heart, The, commandment of Yahweh, is pure, Enlightening the eyes; 9 The, reverence of Yahweh, is clean, Enduring evermore, - The, decisions of Yahweh, are faithful, They are righteous, altogether: 10 More desirable, than gold, yea than much fine gold, Sweeter, also than honey, or than droppings from the comb. 11 Even thine own servant, taketh warning by them, In the keeping of them, great is the reward.
12 Mistakes, who perceiveth? From things that are hidden, acquit me: 13 Even from the presumptuous, keep back thy servant, May they not have dominion over me, Then, shall I be blameless, and shall be acquitted from great transgression: 14 The words of my mouth, and the soft utterance of my heart, shall come with acceptance, before thee, O Yahweh, my Rock and my Redeemer!